Best Climbing Chalks For Rock Climbers & Power Lifters: A Detailed Guide

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Rock climbing is a test of resilience and strength for athletes, and it requires perfect equipment such as the best climbing chalk. This climbing sport requires special focus and strength of mind, and this awesome sport deserves more recognition.

Rock climbing requires a firm grip, along with superhuman patience and focus. And gripping requires climbing chalk powder that counteracts the palm sweat and very sweaty palms.

That’s what we are discussing today, the top-rated climbing chalks on the market. The highest rated, most reviewed climbing chalk powders were shortlisted and made into a smaller list for you to choose from.

You will find a buying guide attached with the article for your convenience so that you can get to know more about the climbing chalk and a FAQ section to answer the questions.


Best Climbing Chalk: Our Top 10 Picks Reviewed

Without much ado, here are our top picks.


SPRI Best Pure Chalk Ball

SPRI chalk block and chalk ball are some of the top picks on our list. This is the highest rated, most reviewed climbing in the market. And we will tell you exactly why it deserves to be all that!

SPRI Chalk Block & Chalk Ball


This climbing chalk is made with premium quality pure magnesium carbonate. Magnesium Carbonate is non toxic and therefore safe for your skin. It is a gear found in the bags of gymnasts, rock climbers, weight lifting athletes, etc. Why? Because it gives a grip that is unparalleled to any other material.

This chalk ball/ chalk block keeps your hand dry and eliminates moisture. Unlike other chalk powders, it doesn’t block your pores to stop sweat, and it absorbs the sweat so that you can get a firm grip. You can climb longer with these chalk ball/ chalk blocks.

There are two options for you, a chalk ball and a chalk block. The chalk ball is an easy to carry size. You can fit it in your pocket or strap it to your belt for easy access. This makes putting climbing chalk on while climbing easier. This can be used by a group as well.

The chalk blocks come in 2 ounces in size and have pigment free Magnesium Carbonate, which is also non toxic and safe for your skin. You can break the chalk block and fill your chalk bag or fill a Ziplock bag.

This premium chalk gives you a firmer grip, prevents blisters, and reduces unwanted slippings. You can use it for gymnastics, rock climbing, bouldering, and all power & weight lifting activities, including deadlifts, pull-ups, and kettlebells. The chalk will not easily rub off.

The packaging is very good, and it prevents spills. So, there is no waste or chalk residue around on the floor.


  • Finely powdered chalks for moisture absorption
  • Pure magnesium carbonate chalk
  • Chalk blocks for a refillable chalk ball
  • Great loose chalk, finer chalk
  • No more sweaty hands; absorb sweat with traditional magnesium carbonate


  • Not as good for the gym (too fine texture)

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321 STRONG Best Refillable Rock Climbing Chalk Ball

321 Strong Climbing Chalk is another premium climbing chalk on our list. This chalk ball comes with a premium cotton sock with a drawstring closure system that prevents spill and waste. It is less messy and can be used for rock climbing, weight lifting, and other indoor activities that are needed in gyms and outdoor works.

321 STRONG Refillable Rock Climbing Chalk Ball

It is a non toxic, pigment free fine powdered chalk that gives you a solid grip and keeps your hands dry. 321 Strong Climbing Chalk features a small, easy to carry bag that sips out enough chalk powder for a thick coating and gives you the firmest grip possible. The chalk bag is small and can be attached to your waist by a belt or kept inside your pocket.

The grip 321 Strong chalk gives exactly what you need from climbing chalk for rock climbing, bouldering, and other outdoor workouts. You can use this chalk ball for activities in gyms like- bars, kettlebells, and weight lifting too.

The material prevents your hands from sweating with the moisture absorption technology, and it doesn’t block your pore. It is safe for skin, has no irritants, and has no odor either.

The chalk ball can be stored inside a zip top bag easily. This is a cheaper option, the price of this 2.3 oz ball is pretty low, and compared to the quality, it is a perfect choice. You can have two at this lower price if you want.


  • Top-notch loose chalk
  • Comes with a drawstring bag, refillable chalk ball
  • Chalks for moisture absorption key features
  • No more sweaty hands; absorb sweat with traditional magnesium carbonate


  • Drawstring bags can spill chalk

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Friction Labs Premium Sports Best Chalk for Rock Climbing

Friction Labs Chalk is one of the most famous names in the gyms and climbing spheres of the world.

Friction Labs Premium Sports Chalk for Rock Climbing


The Frictionlabs loose chalk is pure magnesium carbonate chalk for climbing and gym work. It is a safe, non toxic, silica free, and pigment free magnesium carbonate chalk powder. Excellent Friction Labs chalks are safe for kids and adult skins.

There are no artificial drying agents on the Friction Labs chalk powder, so you know you are getting what is advertised to you. It doesn’t damage your skin.

Friction labs chalk has a key feature of high moisture absorption capacity, making hardcore rock climbing easier and safer. Friction labs’ chalks are of supreme quality. It lasts long and eliminates the need to chalk up your hand after a while. You can push yourself to the extreme with the friction that the Friction labs chalk powder gives you.

There are options available for you.

a) Unicorn dust

The Friction labs unicorn dust features a fine texture for your rock climbing, weight lifting, and gymnastic needs. Extra Fine texture chalk powder is easier to get on your hands, and a thick coat is more than possible.

b) Gorilla Grip

Friction labs gorilla grip chalk power gives you a gorilla grip, quite literally. Gorilla grip has a chunkier texture that gives you the ability to grip stronger and firmer. Gorilla Grip is a trademarked phrase used by Friction labs, and you can be sure if any other chalk brands use it, it is probably not up to the standard.

c) Bam Bam

Bam Bam chalk powder from Friction Labs is their super chunky chalk powder. Chunkier powder than gorilla grip chalk powder gives you more grip for stronger and tougher climbs, deadlifting, and CrossFit athletes use it.

We prefer the Unicorn Dust and Gorilla grip for superior grip and firm stability. Friction labs loose chalks are a mixture of chunkier chalk and fine powder chalks. You can store this high purity chalk in chalk bags or in Ziplock bags.

The price range of this premium quality chalk powder varies from one package to the other at a competitive price. But it comes highly recommended by, as Friction labs claim, Climbers like Austin Geiman, Athletes like Meagan Martin, and Jon Jones. Big names in the climbing world!


  • Good coverage, better than chalk blocks, refillable chalk
  • Unicorn dust (finely powdered chalks), gorilla grip with small chunks, and bam with larger chunks, three packages
  • Chalks for moisture absorption, chalk for climbing with no added drying agents
  • No more sweaty hands on even prolonged use; absorb sweat with traditional magnesium carbonate
  • Endorsed by athletes and climbers, their favorite chalk


  • Confusion with packages is common; read the description first

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 Black Diamond White Gold Loose Best Rock Climbing Chalk

This is another high quality, premium grade loose chalk on our list. This product is a customer favorite as well.

 Black Diamond White Gold Loose Rock Climbing Chalk


Black Diamond White Gold loose chalk is made with pure magnesium carbonate. This is safe for a skin product that helps you keep dry skin even under intense work and heat.

Chalk Black Diamond White Gold loose chalk powder keeps your skin dry and gives you the strongest grip for optimum climbing performance. This product is the top of the shelf, a class A product that is safe for you and the environment. The chalk powder comes with mesh balls to easily spill into your hands. It minimizes mess and keeps chalk residue off of your home, gyms, and clothes.

Black Diamond White Gold loose chalk comes in packs of 50 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams, and 300 grams. You can buy small refills of 50 grams whenever you need them.

The price range of the Black Diamond White Gold loose chalk is reasonable and affordable for everyone. With the long lasting nature of the chalk, it is a good investment indeed!


  • Better than chalk blocks
  • Reasonable prices for packs such as gym chalk, refillable chalk
  • Chalks for moisture absorption, chalk for climbing
  • No more sweaty hands; absorb sweat with traditional magnesium carbonate


  • Possible fake products exist on the market (Buy them from the original store or from Amazon)

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321 STRONG 300 Gram (10.58 oz) Best Loose Climbing Chalk

This is the second 321 Strong chalk product on our list. This differs from the other one in the type. It is a loose chalk powder, while the other came in chalk balls and chalk blocks.

321 STRONG 300 Gram (10.58 oz) Loose Chalk


This, like the 321 Strong Chalk Ball and Block pack, is non toxic and odor free. It is great for rock climbing, gymnastics, weight lifting and other indoor gyms work, climbing outdoors, and workouts.

This climbing chalk is made with water and moisture absorption material. It absorbs your palm sweat and gives you dry skin so you can grip it very firm and hard. The chalk enhances moisture absorption even with very sweaty hands.

This rock climbing chalk increases friction in your climbing sessions. The powder is sticky, and can last longer during use, keeps your hand bone dry, and has no odd chemical smell.

This pack comes with a zip top bag for easy storage and carry. There is no pigment that can cause allergy and rash in some people, and it also has no toxicity. This premium grade rock climbing chalk is very affordable. You can buy these as a refill pack as well.


  • A loose chalk refill pack
  • Refillable chalk balls and chalk bags
  • Superb moisture absorption
  • Best chalk for climbing
  • No more sweaty hands; absorb sweat with traditional magnesium carbonate


  • No easy carry bag

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 FrictionLabs Magic Best Chalk Ball for Climbing

This is another Friction lab’s chalk powder on our list. But this is different from the other one, as we are going to tell you how.

Friction Labs Magic Chalk Ball


This Friction lab’s magic chalk ball comes with a chalk sock for your convenience of use and carry. It is a non toxic, pigment free Magnesium Carbonate powder that can be used to absorb sweat, rain, humidity, and other moistures. It has great moisture absorption. It doesn’t dry your skin of precious moisture; it just takes away the moisture that comes through your pores.

No drying agents, like silica, are added to FrictionLab’s magic chalk balls that can cause skin problems like irritation, rash, and allergy. This is a 100% safe product that delivers on the promises.

Friction labs magic chalk ball comes with a convenient chalk bag that you can carry around for your climbing. It is a chalk sock that has a drawstring type closure system to prevent spill and waste. You can use this chalk powder for multiple sports climbing, bar lifting, weight lifting, CrossFit, bouldering, pole grip, deadlift, and powerlifting.

The white chalk pack with chalk sock comes at just $9.99, and there is another package that comes with a Magic chalk ball and Frictionlabs Unicorn Dust refill of 5 oz.

You can get any of these products; these are recommended by pro athletes, CrossFit athletes, and climbers, just to name a few of the 100+ pro athletes that endorse these chalk powders.


  • Loose chalk with chalk socks
  • Two convenient products, chalk for climbing with Frictionlabs secret stuff
  • Chalks for moisture absorption, silica free,
  • No more sweaty hands; absorb sweat with traditional magnesium carbonate, no drying agent, no added pigments
  • Endorsed by 100+ athletes and climbers


  • Chalk sack had a poor closure system as some users complain
  • Not gym chalk

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PETZL Power Best Liquid Climbing Chalk

Make way for our one and only liquid chalk on the list. This premium product is added for the quality and convenience of use.

PETZL Power Liquid Chalk


This liquid chalk is made with Magnesium Carbonate and rubbing alcohol. When you rub it on your hands, the rubbing alcohol is evaporated, and all that’s left on your hands are climbing chalk powder. This gives as good a grip as any loose chalk powder gives, and it is very easy and convenient to apply.

This is a dust free liquid chalk; it resists dust and prevents the dust from sticking to your hands. This is a small pack that you can carry around in your pocket. It is great for the gym, indoor climbing, and outdoor climbing sessions.

This liquid chalk gives you a great grip and keeps you stable. PETZL Power Liquid Chalk increases the friction that you need in your climbing sessions workout. But you can use it for weight lifting. CrossFit athletes use it all the time.

The price point on this liquid chalk is very affordable; considering the efficacy, convenience, and service, it is a good deal!


  • Top-drawer liquid chalk for climbing
  • Convenient carry gym chalk
  • Liquid consistency
  • Easy application
  • No more sweaty hands; absorb sweat with traditional magnesium carbonate, no drying agent, no added pigments
  • It can be used for other sports climbing, indoor climbing


  • Drying time may vary due to atmospheric conditions

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Frank Endo Best Block Climbing Chalk

We are going to be honest here; this comes very highly recommended. We didn’t pay much attention here because it has less information. But after our research, we figured out this is one of the most premium products on our list. This is what marketing does for you!

Frank Endo Block Chalk


Frank Endo Block Chalk is a premium product; there is no doubt about that. It is 100% pure Magnesium Carbonate; it is skin safe and dries your hand like magic. It has a high moisture absorption rate. It is sold as gym chalk, but this has a high value in the rock climbing department as well.

Another reason this is famous is that it is used in gyms, and schools all over the United States. It is an eight 2 ounces block of chalk that can be used for climbing, weight lifting, bar, powerlifting, deadlifting, etc.

The price is a bit higher than usual, but the amount it comes in on is more, so there is that reason. You can buy this chalk block without any worry.


  • Excellent block chalk, pure chalk
  • Gym chalk
  • Used in many gyms and schools
  • Absorb sweat with traditional magnesium carbonate
  • No drying agent, pigment less chalk
  • It can be used for other climbing sports, indoor climbing


  • Can use a little more information on their pages

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Metolius Super Chalk – Best for Climbing

Metolius Super Chalk is the final product on our list. But it is not the least bit lower in quality than any other product here; it can rival any of the products here any day!

Metolius Super Chalk


This is a rock climbing specific super chalk powder. Metolius Super Chalk uses magnesium carbonate as its primary material for the extreme level of service it provides.

Furthermore, Metolius Super Chalk uses a safe drying agent for added moisture absorption. The drying agent is safe for the skin and has no adverse effect on any cuts or crevices on your finger. Metolius Super Chalk gives you maximum sweat and moisture absorption, Metolius claims with confidence.

Metolius Super Chalk is a five pound pack. The package is a resealable bag and zippered bag. You can carry Metolius Super Chalk around or carry it in a small chalk bag or super chalk sock.


  • Metolius super chalk with no risks involved safe drying agent for added moisture absorption
  • No more sweaty hands; absorb sweat with traditional magnesium carbonate
  • No drying agent, no added pigments on Metolius super chalk
  • It can be used for other climbing sports, indoor climbing


  • some users claim it doesn’t last long on hand (maybe because of the extreme dryness?)
  • no chalk pot

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Z Athletic Best Chunky Climbing Chalk

Gymnasts are dedicated to their trade, and you’d know this since you’re one. Pole vaulting and other high-risk sports require a solid grip to avoid making the one mistake that might cause you an accident or possibly your entire career. That’s why gymnast-specific chalk balls like this one are made to offer a better grip on all occasions.

Z Athletic Chunky Chalk


Chalk balls are very easy to use. In order to acquire chalk on your hands, simply grasp the ball and massage your hands around it. As with liquid chalk, this is messier, but it’s still transportable and ready to use in a matter of seconds, making it ideal for gymnasts on-the-go.

In order to meet the diverse demands of the customers, they provide a wide range of chalk balls. Those with tiny hands will find the 1oz chalk balls ideal. Non-refillable and refillable 2oz chalk balls are available to save you far more money. A massive 3oz chalk ball is also available if you want to get much more out of your grip!

Free of scent and color. Magnesium carbonate chalk of the finest grade. Adults and children alike can safely use it, as it has no additives. As an additional option, we provide both loose and block chalk. Chalk of the same high standard may be found anywhere. Exactly as you want it!

There are a slew of sports and activities that might benefit from the addition of chalk to your toolkit.

To use, just rub the ball on your hands. Use the proven spoon to easily refill the chalk ball!

The manufacturers provide refillable chalk balls that can be refilled with loose chalk, which might save you money in the long run! A spoon and a 2oz pre-filled refill chalk ball are included!


  • Free of scent and color
  • gymnast-specific chalk balls
  • Easy to use
  • save you money in the long run


  • Not always available

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Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Climbing Chalk

The history of the introduction of climbing chalk is controversial and confusing. So, it is no wonder buying climbing chalk will equally be confusing and somewhat tough. In the 1950s, John Gill used the first climbing chalk, and the controversy was that it defaces natural cliffs. And this lingers on till today. Climbing chalks are used to absorb sweat for moisture absorption.

Another interesting fact is that while we call it chalk, it isn’t chalked or Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). Climbing Chalk is either Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3) or Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, otherwise called gypsum (CaSO4 2H2O). But as is custom, we will just call it chalk, climbing chalk.

Now, let us see the buying considerations you must have for buying climbing chalk for yourself.


Types of Chalk

There are several types of climbing chalks available in the market. All of which claim to give you the ideal grip on your toughest climbing area challenges. We will look at the types first.

i. Loose Chalk

Loose chalk is the most common and most affordable type of chalk in the market. Loose chalks come in small containers or hard bags. There are other brands that offer blocks of chalk experiment, so you can have the pleasure of breaking them yourself. For rock climbing, you can buy chalk as fine loose chalk or slightly chunkier chalk (large chunks). Some other brands are there that sell loose chalk with artificial drying agents.

Loose chalk is inexpensive and versatile. You can use these chalks for climbing, marking, making a line of field and garden, etc. But it is also the messiest. It gets on everything.

ii. Chalk Blocks

Chalk blocks are the purest form of chalk. You can have pure Magnesium Carbonate chalk for yourself. You can buy these chalks for less than lose chalks. Chalk blocks are more popular for rock climbing and indoor climbing, like in gyms. Most gyms have centralized air conditioning that makes loose chalk a hassle to keep indoors.

iii. Liquid Chalk

Liquid Climbing chalks are made with Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3) and rubbing alcohol like isopropyl alcohol in liquid form. It uses the same technic as hand rub, simply rub, and as in the alcohol evaporates, and all that’s left on your hand is chalk. This gives you a good grip too, but average climber and rock climbers use this chalk as a base layer before dipping their hand in a loose chalk bag. Liquid Chalks last longer than other types of rock climbing chalks.

iv. Eco Friendly Chalk

Eco friendly chalks are for the people who worry about the environment and tend to do daring things. This was developed when the concern of ecological balance was threatened. Eco chalks use colorless dying agents that leave no mark on the rock’s natural looks. These chalks have taken up the notice of environmental activists.


Chalk Texture

This one texture is a matter of personal preference, basically. Many people like fine powdery chalk that is very smooth to touch; others prefer chunkier chalks or grabbing chalk. The brands offer many types of the same rock climbing chalks. You can choose what you like the most. If you are a novice in this field, it is better to try out rock climbing chalk options before deciding.

Again, it is a matter of personal preference and personal responsibility, and all textures are basically the same in quality. There are no set rules for this.


Climbing Chalk Material

Rock climbing chalks are made with traditional Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3). These are natural, pigment free Magnesium Carbonate. But there are other materials like Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Sulfate that work as well.

Pure Magnesium Carbonate can trap water inside the crystalline structure of its molecules. It absorbs sweat and gives you an unparalleled grip every time. Calcium Carbonate, however, binds water and can sometimes feel slippery. This is not an ideal situation any rock climber will want to find themselves in.


Creating Friction

Climbing chalks are meant to create friction between your hands and the rocks. This makes your handgrip the rock better and firmly.

High-quality climbing chalks will increase the friction, and give you a more solid grip. Chalk that enhances friction will feel sticky and grippy on your fingers, as will the regular chalk. Friction chalks that dry your sweaty hands are ideal and enhance the friction that you need for outdoor climbing.


Hand Type

Everyone is different. Our bodies are different, and our mechanisms are different. We all handle stress differently, and so do our bodies. Many people are prone to sweat, while some don’t.

For rock climbers, it is important to know their hand types because that drives the chalk purchase substantially. If your hands sweat more than usual, there are different types of chalk for you. Usually, experts would suggest fine, powdery chalk for you.

If you have sensitive skin and dry hands, you can try a block type climbing chalk. Our list features both types of chalks for climbers.

We have made this list with the most versatile chalks.


Purity of Chalk

Most climbing chalks use pure Magnesium powders, or some use Epsom salts. Other chalks or rock climbing chalk can be made of Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Sulfate. Magnesium is better at this because it increases the static friction between your fingertips and the rocks.

Other salts and Calcium Carbonate can sometimes dissolve with sweat. This is why Magnesium powder is better at gripping and friction. It also has no toxicity that can cause irritation on your sensitive skin.

We have made this list with the purest chalks.


Water Absorption

All climbing chalks are made with one thing in mind, water absorption. As mentioned before, some chalk will trap water; other chalks will bind water. But both chalks will absorb moisture to increase grip and give you a firm hold over the rock or weight lifting equipment.

There are some brands that use natural drying agents or artificial drying agents for extra water protection. This makes sure you have dry skin all throughout the climb. It is better to test the chalks before, though.

We have made our list with the most water absorbent chalks.


Skin Safety

This is also a personal safety issue. There are some elements that are not safe for human skin universally. But those chemicals are not used in climbing chalk anyway.

There may be some chemicals that you personally may be allergic to or can cause your skin to get irritated. Make sure to check for any allergies to any substances present on the climbing chalk you are buying at your own risk.

We have made this list with the most skin safe chalks.



Rock climbing chalks and other chalk uses have a time frame. How regularly do you have to renew the layer of chalk over the base layer? Especially in rock climbing, it is hard to get the chance to put on the chalk. There are carrying options that may come in handy, like chalk buckets and chalk bags. But it all depends on the frequency of the application. Some chalks last longer than others; we have made this list with the most lasting chalks.



Climbing chalk’s effectiveness refers to how effective it is in the field. Climbing chalks that don’t need to be reapplied on a regular basis are ideal for climbers. It simply implies higher climbing chalks will last longer during a climbing session.

Generally speaking, Magnesium Carbonate, five essential oils, and Epsom salt combination works greatest for climbing and lasts longer on use. It also has an antibacterial property that comes in handy during rock climbing and other indoor or outdoor climbing, and weight lifting for CrossFit athletes.

We have made this list with the most effective chalks.



Rock climbing chalks have a different price range that varies quite a bit. This depends on the quality, material, and other factors. Some chalks are pricier than others; there are cheaper climbing chalks as well. All you need to know is what the features of the chalks are, and you will never buy the wrong chalks, ever! You can always choose the middle range ones because they are also decent in quality, provided they feature all the things discussed here in this buying guide.

We selected climbing chalks in all price ranges, and these chalks are customer favorites too. You can trust their judgment because they have used these chalks and are satisfied with the service they got.

These are all the buying considerations that we had while making the list. Now we will go to our Use and store segment.


How to Use and Store Climbing Chalk

Climbing chalks are very handy things for weight lifters, rock climbers, and CrossFit athletes. These chalks need to be used with caution and stored with the same vigilance.

Liquid chalks come in tubes, so you don’t have to worry about them. Powder chalks and block chalks are a bit different because you need to carry them on the spot and keep them in safe storage for future use.

You can use one of the two methods-

1. Chalk Ball

It is a cleaner way to carry your climbing chalk. It makes sure there is no chalk residue flying around. You can use this method to apply chalks on your hand easily, but it sometimes can be difficult for you to put on a thick layer or coat using a chalk ball.

2. Chalk Bag

Chalk bags are more convenient and easier. You basically need a bag that you will use to keep the chalk powder in. You just dip your hand in and get a thick layer of chalk or how much chalk you need on your hand. This is easier, but it is not spill-proof, so you may end up wasting some climbing chalk powder.


Final thoughts

This list features the highest rated, most reviewed climbing chalk powders on the market today. These are our top picks from the list, based on the features described in the buying guide. This compact list is full of the climbing chalk powders that customers have bought, used, and stood by. And we stand by them.

There is no brand promotion on this list. This is a people’s choice list, we have studied their trends, qualities, and where these products can improve. This comprehensive list provides you with the finest chalk powder to give you the greatest value for money.

We understand we may have missed some climbing chalk powders that you wanted on the list. It is not because of a lack of trying; if a product has adequate reviews and high ratings, we shortlisted it. And based on the features, we have listed them here. Still, if you think a particular product deserves a place here, please write your reviews to us (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).

You can show your support, and give suggestions to us as well. We appreciate your taking part in what we do.

Happy climbing!

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Is climbing chalk bad for you?

Ans: Climbing chalk in itself is not harmful, but some drying agents can be detrimental.

What type of chalk is best for climbing?

Ans: Climbing chalks that are easy to apply are most suitable for climbing.

Does chalk make a difference in climbing?

Ans: Chalks have moisture absorption capabilities, like primo chalk, that make sure you have the grip for climbing. So, yes, it makes a real difference. Just like climbing shoes make a significant difference in climbing activities than normal activities, climbing chalks do too.

Is climbing chalk the same as lifting chalk?

Ans: It can be used interchangeably, but loose chalks, like primo chalk, are better for climbing.

Is friction labs chalk worth it?

Ans: Friction labs chalk comes recommended by professional climbers; yes, it is worth it!

What chalk do professional climbers use?

Ans: Friction labs and Primo chalk come with most endorsements from professional climbers. These are great value chalks.

What is climbing chalk made of?

Ans: We have discussed this in our buying guide section.

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