Best Tree Stand Harness That Saves Lives! See The List Before You Go Deer Hunting This Hunting Season

Best Tree Stand Harness featured

We have discussed one hunting gadget in this article: the Best Tree Stand Harness. You might own a climbing tree stand or a ladder tree stand, but without a tree stand harness, your safety is not 100% guaranteed.

These are used not only for hunting but for construction and other works as well. Very basically, these gadgets allow you to hang yourself from a tall tree stand or pole that will enable you to get the ideal view of the ground below and lets you work more efficiently.

We are reviewing the most reviewed and popular tree stand harnesses today. These harnesses on our list have pleased many, many people. And we hope they will please you!

We will provide you with a buying guide for the tree stand harness and a maintenance guide for the harness. We will answer some of the internet’s most asked questions.


Best Tree Stand Harness: Our Top 8 Picks Reviewed

Hunting requires hard work, skill, patience, and ingenuity. And it requires gadgets. Lots of cool gadgets! We’re finding out more about one of those gadgets.

Let’s not waste any more time and see the top-rated tree stand harnesses or otherwise known as hunting safety harnesses!


Hunter Safety System X1 Bow-hunter Best Harness for Tree Stand Hunting

This is the highest reviewed Tree stand harness on our list.

Hunter Safety System X1 Bowhunter Harness for Tree-Stand Hunting


X1 bowhunter is an adult unisex treestand safety harness. It is straightforward and has no confusing weave through buckles and no dangling straps. It is effortless to put on, and it can take your weight.

Hunter Safety System X 1 Bowhunter Harness weighs just 2.5 pounds. It is very light and can be worn throughout the day without having to worry about discomfort and lessening mobility. It is incredibly lightweight.

The shoulder straps on the Hunter Safety System X 1 Bowhunterare wide, so it doesn’t put much pressure on the shoulders. In hunting terms, it doesn’t mess with your aim by putting your shoulder in any discomfort. There is a shock absorbing tether that can break your fall.

The Hunter Safety System X 1 Bowhunter harness can be worn in all seasons. It is lightweight, it doesn’t bother you much in the warmer weather. And for the same reason, it can be worn under your winter clothes. The harness has adjustable leg and torso straps. You can sit, stand, and run with this harness on without any discomfort.

The harness comes with a Primary Treestrap, a Suspension Relief Strap, Safe Use Instructions, and a DVD to clarify the process of wearing the harness.

It comes in three sizes, Small/Medium, Large/ XL, and XXL/3XL. All three are affordable and very desirable. It is a perfect gift item for you and for your friends.

X 1 bowhunter is a certified safe product that conforms to all the standards laid out by the Treestand Manufacturer’s Association.

This product is highly recommended by the people who have used it and occasionally said this had saved their lives in the event of a fall.


  • Highest reviewed product on harness reviews
  • TMA standard harness hunter safety system
  • chest adjustment strap, leg straps, no dangling straps
  • 5 lbs, light
  • Shock absorbing tether and waist buckles
  • No need to worry about the price
  • User instruction and DVD


  • Warranty information is unclear
  • No padded shoulder straps

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Muddy Magnum Pro Best Lightweight Tree Stand Harness

Muddy Magnum Pro harness is a light harness. The primary material of this harness is nylon. Nylon is the most durable fabric out there. This safety harness is also very durable for that reason.

Muddy Magnum Pro Harness


This nylon safety harness comes with a quick release mechanism that allows you to release the harness quickly in case of a shortfall. There are sturdy cam leg buckles that are noiseless and easy to adjust chest straps. There are straps that go through the torso, giving you more secure and safe hunting and a great fit.

The harness comes with a lineman’s belt, tree strap (tree belt), and suspension relief strap. The straps are padded for extra comfort and warmth. Muddy Magnum Pro’s maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs.

The safety harness weighs 1.5 lbs. The important joints of the harness are given double stitches, padding, and air mesh for extra security. This is one size fits most tree stand hunting safety harnesses for your hunting needs.

The hunting safety harness meets all the specifications and capacity standards put in place by the Treestand Manufacturer’s Association. This affordable tree stands harness is a very affordable, durable, and functional piece of hunting gadget. You can buy this for yourself, or for your friends.


  • Upper body webbing padded for comfort
  • TMA Approved hunting safety harness
  • Comes with a Lineman’s Belt Magnum Harness, Tree Strap, Suspension Relief Strap
  • Maximum weight capacity 300 lbs.
  • Lightweight harness, adjustable leg straps
  • Double stitched joint, with padding, and padded shoulder straps


  • No phone pockets

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Hunter Safety System Best UltraLite Flex Tree Stand Harness

This is another Hunter Safety System Tree Stand Harness on our list. This one is different from the other X 1 bowhunter in many subtle and not so subtle ways. For instance, this is one that is padded for protection and comfort, while X 1 bowhunter was not. The padded hexagons save you in the case of a fall.

Hunter Safety System UltraLite Flex Tree Stand Harness


The padded design on this Hunter Safety System Ultralite Flex Harness doesn’t limit your mobility and speed in any way. The trim design makes sure the safety harness fits you perfectly and snugly. The fit is not constricting, neither is it too loose so as to be annoying.

This Hunter Safety System Ultralite Flex Harness design is a patented design that eliminates many hanging straps and weaves through buckles. It is easy to put on, and it is aimed to increase the convenience of use and functionality.

The Hunter Safety System Ultralite Flex harness comes with a secure mesh cell phone pocket as well. There are two color choices for you on this hunter safety system ultra lite harness. Ultra lite and ultra liters (2019). There are size options available as well.

The hunting safety harness comes with a five year warranty. The price is a bit on the higher side, but the service it provides, and considering the longevity, this investment will ensure you won’t have to buy a harness for a long time to come.


  • Patented design
  • Eliminates annoying extra buckles and straps while wearing a harness
  • Chest adjustment strap, waist straps, ario mesh back
  • Mesh cell phone pockets
  • Shock absorbing tether and waist buckles
  • A five year warranty


  • No instruction manual is available, no upper body webbing

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Muddy Ambush – Optifide Elevated II Camo/Standard Quick Release Buckles – Best Durable Tree Stand Harness

This is another Muddy harness after the Magnum Pro. This is a different product in very many ways.

Muddy Ambush - Optifide Elevated II Camo/Standard Quick Release Buckles


This harness is made with lightweight nylon. This makes the hunting safety harness extra durable and very functional. The harness is padded for your comfort and protection.

There are standard quick release buckles on the harness that allows easy putting on and taking off. The pattern is optifide elevated II camo design. This is a proper hunting harness for your hunting needs.

The clips can be used one handed because it is a quick set carabiner clip. Ambush’s absorbing tether can move 360 degrees.

This gives you extra movement and more extensive visual contact of the area. Muddy Amubush’swaist strap is also padded for extra comfort and protection.

A suspension relief strap pocket can be used to keep several tools, phones, and other necessary things. This allows quick access to these things. There are quick release and adjustable leg buckles that would enable easy release and a snug fit.

The durable, adjustable chest strap keeps the harness fit and on point at all times. The harness can hold up to 300 lbs weight, thus breaking the fall for almost anyone. Muddy Ambush harness weighs just 1.9 lbs. It is very light and very easy to carry around.

This Muddy Ambush harness is very affordable and is actually a great gift idea for your friends.


  • Padded chest adjustment strap, waist straps
  • Suspension relief strap pocket
  • Shock absorbing tether and waist buckles


  • No deer drag, no ario mesh back

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Summit treestands Men’s pro Best Performance Tree Stand Harness

Summit is a brand that is well known in the hunting equipment manufacturing industry.

Summit treestands men's proTreestands Harness


This is a nylon made high performance tether, with shock absorbing tether and shock absorbing bungee tether line. This is a linemen’s climbing rope. The manufacturers have been producing high quality harnesses for the last 35 years.

SummitTreestands Men’s Pro Safety Harness features military inspired Molle, otherwise known as Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. This feature gives the harness versatility, functionality, and durability.

Summit’s Safety Treestand Harness has comfortable padding that prioritizes your safety and comfort above everything. It can be worn all day.

This men’s pro safety harness has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The size of the waist is 35 inches to 46 inches.

Summit’s harness is affordable, and they offer a one year warranty on these harnesses.


  • Padded chest adjustment strap, waist straps
  • Shock absorbing bungee tether line
  • Military inspired Molle
  • Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment
  • Shock absorbing high performance tether and bungee tether line


  • No other sizes are available

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Hunter Safety System Best Pro-Series Tree Stand Harness with Elimishield Scent Control Technology

Another Hunter Safety System harness! What are they doing over there!

Hunter Safety System Pro-Series Harness with Elimishield Scent Control Technology


This is a unique tree stand harness because it is a lightweight, odor resistant, and durable harness for your hunting need. This harness comes with so many things, an adjustable tree strap, suspension relief strap/Deer drag, instructional DVD, and Safe Use Instructions.

The harness has an air mesh that allows it to breathe. The fibers are treated with a permanent scent that will not allow your sweat to contaminate the smell of your harness. There is a USB charging port that can be used to charge your phone.

There are eight utility pockets that can be used to keep your binoculars and other accessories for quick access.

This harness is a bit on the pricey side, and as the size increases, the price goes up as well. But for the services you are getting and the features.


  • Odor control tree stand safety harness
  • Comes with a USB port
  • 8 accessories pocket, and a deer drag
  • Light weight
  • Comes with adjustable tree strap, suspension relief strap/Deer drag, instructional DVD, and Safe Use instructions


  • Not as light as tree spider speed harness

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Muddy MSH120 Magnum Best Elite Safety Harness Black

This is a tree spider speed harness made with padded nylon, giving the harness extreme lightweight and durability. Muddy MSH120 Magnum Elite harness features quick release buckles that are easy to unlock.

Muddy MSH120 Magnum Elite Safety Harness Black


The tether is a heavy duty tether that is rugged for prolonged and durable use.

This tree stands harness is available in black. Muddy MSH120 Magnum Elite features Air mesh shoulder straps that give the harness breathability and light weight that is needed for all season hunting.

Muddy MSH120 Magnum Elite is very affordable, and considering the features, it is a must have safety harness for all hunters. The weight capacity is 300 lbs.


  • Odor control, tree spider speed harness
  • Light weight tree stand safety harness
  • Tree spider speed harness with deer drag
  • Very affordable, with Air mesh shoulder straps
  • High maximum weight capacity


  • Warranty information not provided

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Hunter Safety System RT Hybrid Best Tree Stand Safety Harness with ElimiShield Scent Control Technology

One of the top tree stand harnesses on the market, the Hunter Safety System RT Hybrid tree stand harness has a lot to offer. It has a mesh top part that fits well and is light enough that you won’t even notice it’s there. It comes with binocular attachments and a lot of storage space. The tethering rope on this safety line is long enough to allow you to sit upright comfortably in your tree stand.

Hunter Safety System RT Hybrid Tree Stand Safety Harness with ElimiShield Scent Control Technology


There aren’t any odor-eliminating sprays that can get rid of the stench in your safety harness. ElimiShield treats the whole harness, including the covers, buckles, straps, and buckles, for the remainder of the harness’s useful life. ElimiShield is infused into the fibers of this harness, which is administered to every single one.

ElimiShield scent management in this hunter’s safety harness prevents animals from smelling your characteristic smell. Since the smell control is embedded in the fibers of the harness, it will persist for the whole life of the harness.

Everything you need for a safe and comfortable hunting experience is included in this package. As a light safety harness with many of storage compartments, this tree stand safety belt gets high marks from us.

It’s easy to move around in thanks to the mesh top body’s low weight. Binocular straps and a mesh mobile phone pouch are included in the harness.

It’s not just a safety harness, either. In terms of weight and flexibility, the Hunter Safety System is one of the best available. Padded hexagons in the design give outstanding comfort without compromising on the garment’s ability to adapt to the user’s movements. Hybrid flex safety harnesses assist reduce and manage odors, unlike conventional safety harnesses Elimishield odor control technology is to thank. Features an adjustable tree strap, lineman’s securing holster, suspension release and a DVD for instructions. Trim design for a tight fit without compromising mobility is achieved using padded hexagons, which give optimal comfort and flexibility. Elimishield fragrance management technology helps eliminate unpleasant odors.

Hunter Safety System RT Hybrid Tree Stand Safety Harness comes in many sizes for all hunters.


  • Binocular straps
  • Elimishield odor control technology
  • . Padded hexagons in the design give outstanding comfort
  • Trim design for a tight fit


  • Sizing can be an issue

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Best Tree Stand Harness Buying Guide

Tree stand harness is used in hunting and other outdoor jobs like construction and electric works. The harness is safety equipment that saves you from falling from height. This also allows you to hunt more efficiently. Tree stand harness gives you the ability to see 360 degrees from above and allows you to pick a spot where you can corner your prey and kill it.

A safety harness makes sure you have two free arms during the hunting. You can use the harness to rest and get acquainted with the landscape. You can also stay safe from vicious animals that roam around the surface.

But there are certain features and considerations that you need to know before buying the best hunting safety harness from our review list. We will discuss these things in our buying guide section.

There are several types of tree stand safety harnesses. Each has its merits under certain conditions. Using the wrong kind of safety harness will feel like it isn’t working for you. But the correct type of safety harness will serve you for a long time. This is why researching the area you are going to hunt on is an excellent idea.

Let us see the harness types first-


Vest Type Harness

Vest type harnesses are by far the most popular and favorite harness among the focus groups we have conducted. These are light, portable, and very easy to carry. It is the most reliable type of harness that hunters use. This harness gives you maximum safety.

Vest type harness has strong and sturdy straps around your shoulders, waist, and legs. The harness is bound to a tree by strong and heavy clips.

These harnesses are very safe and ensure you don’t fall from the tree. But in case of an unlikely fall, the harness is designed to save you by distributing the pressure across a larger area and breaking the fall.

This makes sure you get minor injuries, if at all. And these injuries are easier and quicker to recover from.


Full Body Harness

Full-body harnesses are just as safe as vest harnesses. Full body safety harnesses use much more straps and buckles. Unlike vest type safety harness, it doesn’t rely on fewer buckles and straps.

This calls for careful checking and rechecking of the buckles before you make the climb or start using a tree stand.

2 Point Safety Harness Full Body

A two point safety harness has fall arrest attachments that are on your back and front. These harnesses are adjustable, and you can fix them according to your need. The main buckles are in your leg and shoulder loop that takes your weight equitably and makes sure you don’t tire on the tree.

4 Point Safety Harness Full Body

Four points full body safety harness is designed with four fall arrest attachments on your back and front, as well as on the waist. It is easier to position yourself on a four point full-body safety harness.

The harness has buckles on the leg, shoulder, and waist. This gives you a better vision and the ability to move around.

The straps are adjustable and can fit almost everyone. This safety harness is committed to safety.

5 Point Safety Harness Full Body

Five point full body safety harnesses are improvements on the previous ones. It serves better and is safer.

There is five fall arrest attachment on the back and front, and on the waist and absorbing tether. The buckles are integrated into the shoulder and leg, and waist loops. This allows you to move around and get a better view of the hunting area.

The harness can break your fall, help you position yourself, rig, climb, and can be used as a personal suspension. There are work positioning attachment points that are on the waist area.


Size of The Harness

Tree stand safety harness comes in different sizes for different people. But, still, some people make some adjustments to their safety harness. Size helps you avail more flexibility of movement and comfort in wearing. So it is always better to know your size and buy the tree stand harness according to your need.

Measuring your harness size is not easy. Many people assume they need to measure their waist. That is not your size, though.

Your size is your torso, right where your belly button is. This chart will help you get the perfect tree stand harness for yourself.

For Men

Torso Size Weight Harness size
28 inches-42 inches 100 pounds- 175 pounds Small/ Medium
35 inches- 56 inches 175 pounds- 250 pounds Large/ Extra Large
48 inches- 60 inches 250 pounds- 300 pounds XXL/XXXL
42.5 inches- 71 inches 300 pounds- 400 pounds XXXXL/5XL


For Women

Torso Size Weight Harness size
28 inches- 39 inches 100 pounds- 175 pounds Small/ Medium
35 inches- 53 inches 175 pounds- 250 pounds Medium/ Large



Weight is another vital buying consideration that you should have when buying a harness for yourself.

A tree stand harness should be light and durable. Because hunting is a game of patience, you need a light weight harness. It will not feel like an extra burden on you.

For other activities, such as climbing and other activities that require a harness, light weight safety harnesses are very comfortable. They will not be a hassle for your desired purposes whatsoever.



Safety Harnesses should be made with sturdy and durable materials. Nylon, polyester, and other synthetic materials give you strong and durable services for a long time. There are other excellent materials in the market.



Padding in a harness is a necessary consideration to have. Padding gives you extra protection and comfort during hunting.

When you are hanging from a tree, the padding makes sure the contact points have a significant blood flow, and the straps do not dig into your flesh. There are harnesses with removable padding that allows you to take off when you are not in the need of padding.



American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z359.11-2014 certifies the safety of lineman’s rope that is used as lineman’s climbing rope. Tree stand harnesses have a similar working method. You should look into the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certification on the harness that you want to buy.

Certification makes sure a standard of safety was followed. You can be sure of the weight capacity of the tree stand harness with this certification.


Build of the harness

Harnesses should be breathable and easy to dry, and they should have air meshes to ensure no sweat gets through to the thick padding on the tree harness.

A safety harness should be water resistant, heat proof, and can last long in adverse weather too.

Our list of treestand hunting and climbing strap comes with the high-quality build harness. You can assuredly buy one from this list.



There are other essential features to look for in the safety harness that you want to buy. There are features like extra pockets, bottle holders, and so forth. These features come in handy sometimes. You need to see these features along with the other qualities that we have listed.



Off the bat, brands are one of the most important buying considerations in this regard. The brand name translates to confidence and safety because brands have quality checks and quality control.

Top brands set the bar for others to follow through on. Big brands have bigger reputations to protect. And in a saturated market, a monopoly is no longer easy to get anymore.

Considering there are other options when it comes to brands, more prominent brands must put up more premium quality materials for us. And their administration and infrastructures make sure we get the finest products.


Care and Maintenance of The Tree Stand Harness

Maintenance of your harness is not very easy, but if you remember a small list that we are going to give here, it shouldn’t be that hard either.

  • Regular inspection for the sign of wear or tear in your tree stands harness is a very good idea. It will save you from accidents.
  • Proper inspection of the buckles, straps, and other fall protection equipment is an excellent practice in and on itself.
  • The fall protection equipment should be checked before and after every use.
  • Washing or cleaning the harness is a decent practice to get used to. If your harness is water resistant, you can wash it. If it is machine safe, you can use it in the washing machine. But if it is not washable, you should focus on cleaning it regularly.
  • Close inspection of the buckles, straps before and after use is very highly recommended. Even right before you start the climb, you should check the buckles and straps.
  • Avoid keeping your harness near a heat source or moist place. This will damage your harness.
  • Always store it hanging. Do not fold it to store.



Tree stand harnesses are very useful gadgets for us. It is not only a gadget for hunting and climbing. You can use it to work on electric poles, painting, and even in construction jobs. These gadgets are very handy indeed.

The best tree stand harness list includes the highest reviewed products, and we have made it easier for you to see by linking to Understanding the features of these products will help you identify the best safety harness for yourself and for your friends who need it.

The list only features the highest reviewed products. There may be other products in the market that are better than these, but we have looked, and we have looked hard. If we have missed any product, that is not because of any brand pitching, but only because there were simply not enough reviews of the product.

Still, we understand that we may have missed some products that you think deserve to be on our list. We would appreciate it if you can write to us with that product, or notify us about that product. Our research team will be more than happy to look into it.

If you liked our list and have bought from our list of products from Amazon, please write an honest review. Your experiences, support, and disagreements are what we desire to continue on this journey of helping people get the right things for their hard-earned money. Please write to us or leave a comment with your name and email/website.

Good luck with your new harness and, always remember the commitment to safety. Do not go hunting if you have any issues with your gadgets. Hunting seasons will come every year, but safety is the paramount luxury that should not be compromised under any circumstances.

Also please check the things to remember while using a Tree Stand Harness



What is better, tree stand harness or tree stands?

Ans: Tree stand harnesses are lightweight and easy to carry. This is a big deal while hunting. But when it comes to comfort, treestands are better. Yet, while hunting, treestands are a hassle to carry around and are less conspicuous.

What is the best tree stand harness with a linemen’s belt?

Ans: Muddy Magnum Pro comes with a linemen’s belt. It is one of the finest safety harnesses with lineman’s climbing rope.

What is the ideal tree stand harness for youth?

Ans: The finest safety harnesses for the youth are made by the Hunter safety system, Muddy, and Summit.

What is the most suitable tree stand harness for big guys?

Ans: Tree stand harnesses come in many sizes. For big guys, the proper tree stand harnesses are made by Hunter Safety Systems, Muddy, and Summit. Refer to our weight and size chart.

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