The best Hang on tree stand you need to see before you buy- Lone Wolf Assault II

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand

Hang on tree stands are of particular importance to climbers and hunters. These are gears that are used in hunting for their alleviated vantage point that it can give you. You need a spot from which you can see 360 degrees around you. Like other tree stands, the hang on tree stand allows you to see furthest in the thick growth of forest that would otherwise limit your vision.

One such tree stand is the Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand. Category-wise it may fall in with the other tree stands, but feature and functionality-wise, it is a whole different animal! This has caught the attention of many hunters and climbers around the world, and for a good reason.

We will do a feature-by-feature breakdown for you so you know why it deserves such high praise.



The Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand has so many premium features. Shaving it off by saying it is the best hang on tree stand doesn’t do justice to all the engineering, design, and production geniuses behind this tree stand. We will discuss the features at some length for you here. Stick around.



While it is not important to know about the brand for understanding the tree stand’s functionality, we will nonetheless shed some light here.

The Lone Wolf brand started its journey almost half a century ago and has since caught the attention of outdoor enthusiasts. The quality of their products and the meticulously selected designs that assist the outdoorsy people with all the convenience they need are major reasons for their appeal.

Their design team works very hard to make designs that do not constrict the ability of the user; the production brings it to fruition with their skill and careful inspection. Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand is one of their best products and is acknowledged on the same ground by the users.


Weight Limit

Weight limit is one of the most important factors in tree stand purchase. Because of the amount of time you will be spending on a tree stand and all the gears you will carry with you; the tree stand needs to have a higher weight capacity. This is true for all tree stands.

The Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand comes with a 350 pounds weight limit. This can accommodate most climbers and hunters.

Keep in mind the weight limit is the total weight of the hunter and the equipment they carry.


Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand Review


Tree Stand Weight

Tree stand weight is very important. The lighter the tree stand is, the easier it is to use and maneuver. This is very important for the portability and transportability of the tree stand as well.

The Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand is unbelievably light. It is only 11 pounds. This lightweight tree stand enables you to carry it on your back. You have the option of buying a backpack strap with the tree stand.

The lightweight allows you to assemble and use the Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand by yourself. You don’t any help to set the tree stand from anyone.

This is one of the features that people really appreciate.


Construction Material

The material of the tree stand is very important. There are several reasons for that.

Durability, rust resistance, lightweight, and so many other things are dependent on the material.

There is a steel tree stand that is durable and rust resistant. But they are heavy and expensive. Not very ideal for everyone.

However, the Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand is made with one cast aluminum piece. Aluminum itself is durable, light, and rust resistant. Cast aluminum is even more so. Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand is light, durable, and weather resistant for your hunting needs.



The durability of a tree stand is important. There are many ways of attaining that. Some manufacturers use stainless steel to make sure their tree stand is durable. But that comes with the downside of weight.

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand is made with aluminum. Aluminum is an alternative to steel. It is almost as durable as steel. But it comes with the added benefit of being lightweight and is easy to carry.


Seat Size

Many tree stands come with smaller seats. This can be an issue because standing upright for a longer period of time can be hard and result in foot fatigue.

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand comes with a comfortable seat.  It is sufficiently large and padded for your comfort.

The seat dimension is 14 inches x 12 inches. The height of the seat is 21 inches from the platform. This makes sure you get enough room for your legs to be comfortable after the climb or a scan.



The design that allows you to use the tree stand on trees of various diameters is a good thing to have. This feature is not always available on most tree stands.

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand comes with two adjustable straps that allow you to attach the tree stand on trees from 4 inches in diameter to 22 inches in diameter.

This comes in handy for hunting because it is not always easy to find the perfect tree. You have to make do with the best tree around under the circumstances.


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Foot Platform

The foot platform on Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand is large for your comfort. You can use the foot platform to lean back and rest your legs for a bit to get the blood circulation working again.

You can use the platform for bow shots as well.

The platform size is 26 inches x 19.5 inches; it gives enough space for you to be comfortable.



Most other hang on tree stands cannot even come close to the Lone Wolf Assault II safety commitment in the safety feature.

Besides the highest quality safety on the tree stand, with material, build, and high-quality straps, the Assault II comes with a 6 point fall arrest system. This full-body strap saves you from a nasty fall and keeps you safe and secure even in the unlikely event of the tree stand failure.


Other features

There are other features that may be present on a tree stand. While these are not mandatory, it is very handy to have these features around. Not all manufacturers provide you with the additional features because of the design limitations and myriad other reasons.

The Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand, however, has some for you. Assault II is a bow hunting tree stand, and it comes with a cast bow holder. You can use the bow holder for almost ant parallel limb bows.

There are options available for you to get padded straps.



In conclusion, we would like to reiterate that this is one of the best hang on a tree stand. The build, the quality, and the attention to detail on this tree stand have made it a very good deal indeed. If the price of the Lone Wolf Assault II Hang on Tree Stand could had been a bit lower, more people could enjoy the premium service of this tree stand.

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