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Fire hazards are the most unpredictable; you would have to act very fast to protect yourself and your family members through such an emergency situation using the best fire escape ladder.

Defensive steps must be taken before dealing with such unexpected emergencies. As such, a fire escape ladder is the most significant piece of fire safety equipment you need to keep at home. It will aid you in climbing down securely from a window in case a fire breaks out.

But purchasing a suitable ladder becomes difficult while there are a ton of options to select from. Hence, we have tried to make life easier for you by compiling this list of the best fire escape ladders options to consider.


Best Fire Escape Ladders Reviewed: Our Top Picks

These are the 7 best fire escape ladders available in the market. You can pick any one of them that suits your requirements.


Kidde Best Durable Fire Escape 2-Story Ladder

Kidde Fire Escape ladder will provide you with a fast and safe way to get out of risk. This tool is easy to use and fast attaches to the most common windows. It does not slip, making it safe for you as you climb down to safety. It features a flame-resistant metal structure, making it a perfect pick for fire emergencies.

Kidde Fire Escape 2-Story Ladder


More so, its sturdy design makes it long-lasting, assuring you of perfect service for several years. This ladder has a tangle-free design, creating it a great pick since it will deliver a smooth and fast way to safety. Additionally, you do not need to assemble the ladder.

This ladder features a sure-friendly design that confirms that you can escape quickly during a fire accident. It is sturdy and flame resistant, which assures you of durability. Also, the ladder comes with  5 years of warranty that assurances you a replacement in case of quality issues.

This 2 story fire escape ladder is a good choice if you seek an affordable yet sturdy fire escape ladder.

Maximum users who bought this ladder are pleased with their acquisitions. They like that it is well-built and feels adequately durable to use through emergencies. Users are furthermore pleased that it is easy to store, lightweight, and easy to use.


  • Offers safe escape in the occasion of a fire
  • Easy to assemble without requiring extra tools
  • Durable sufficient to support a lot of weight
  • Lightweight design permits easy moving and is good for easy escape


  • Does not come with sturdy adjustable hooks

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First Alert Two-Story Best Quick Escape Fire Escape Ladder

An emergency escape ladder is a must-have for all households as it helps people escape fatal fire mishaps. This First Alert Ladder is a perfect pick for your home improvement project since it is simple but functional. It is easy to use and provides you with a safe escape route over your window.

First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder


The emergency ladder comes completely assembled and prepared to use, which means it does not need any assembly. This makes it easy to use and deploy throughout a fire emergency.

First Alert Fire Escape Ladder features a robust steel structure that could support up to 1125 pounds, making it an outstanding pick for your home. The steel is resistant to fire; in addition, it will not slip while you are using it. This ladder is moreover strong and extremely durable.

The ladder has slip-resilient, zinc-plated steel rungs for sure footing, as well as a steel stabilizer on each rung that lies flat alongside the wall to help you to stay balanced as you climb down. It comes with a 6-year limited guarantee. This ladder is an excellent choice if you are seeking a reasonable 2-story fire escape ladder.

Users of this ladder find this product reasonably priced and are glad to be used for practice several times, unlike the other leading brands with a single-use ladder.

You can certainly keep your loved ones safe with this First Alert Fire Escape Ladder. It is easy to use since it comes fully assembled as well as ready to use. Its steel construction sorts it resistant to fire and confirms durability. If you are seeking a suitable and safe ladder, this one is the ideal one to purchase.


  • Offers trustworthy and quick escape
  • It can give central support up to 375 pounds
  • Keeps the feet stable and balanced during an emergency escape
  • Easily attaches to numerous window lengths


  • Beginners might find it tougher to deploy

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Hausse Best Retractable 3 Story Fire Escape Ladder

Another strong contender for the finest fire escape ladder would be this retractable ladder by Hausse.

Hausse retractable ladder features retractable hooks that can be extended to the maximum length while using and comes furnished with two sets of slip-resistant rungs. You could either release one set of rungs to escape down a two-story house or both sets of rungs to escape from three-story homes.

Hausse Retractable 3 Story Fire Escape Ladder


No assembly is essential; all you have to do to use the ladder is secure the adjustable hooks and release the velcro strap.

The ladder comes extremely secure, made with strong screws, a sturdy fire escape rope ladder, and a stabilizing V-shaped bracket between the hooks separately. While the advertisement calls for one-time use, it holds up fine if used for practice, though it might leave marks on your walls and windowsills.

It’s sturdy enough to hold 1,000 pounds and has a red storage bag for convenient storage. While sturdy, the manufacturer does recommend you replace the product every three years, even if you do not touch it throughout that timeframe.


  • Hooks are retractable to work with the thickness of the wall
  • Slip-resistant rungs
  • It could extend to a three-story descent safely
  • Durable sufficient for practice runs if required
  • Comes with a red canvas bag to store inside


  • Will perhaps scuff your walls through test fittings

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ISOP Best Flame Resistant Fire Escape Ladder

ISOP Fire Escape Ladder offers the highest security in danger. The space-saving design of the ladder is compact and stable. All the top-grade resources are used to craft this fire escape rope ladder.

ISOP Fire Escape Ladder


The height of the ladder is 16 feet. You’ll be happy to know that this ladder could support up to 2000 pounds. It is well verified, and you do not have to be concern about this fact.

The durable hooks have made the ladder appropriate for homes, hotels, offices, and almost everywhere.

The materials of this enduring fire escape ladder are robust and durable. This ladder has a breaking strength of 11.2 KN. That means it could give heavy support.

You could use the ladder from diverse frames of windows, and it is truly easy to use. Some people are always concerned about the fact of assembling the ladder. But, you do not need any additional tools to assemble it, and you could deploy it in a few seconds. Furthermore, it is a lightweight ladder as well as easy to store. So, certainly, it is a cool choice.


  • It could carry 2500 pounds+ weight
  • Breaking strength is 11.2 KN
  • It does not need any assembly
  • Easy to carry as well as safe to use
  • Ladder easy to set up


  • The weight capacity is lower than it’s advertised

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X-IT 2 Story (13′) Best Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

Finding a quality escape ladder could be troublesome, particularly if you do not know what to look for. Like everyone else, you want to get a quality product that would provide safety and a way out in case of a fire outburst. Apart from fire safety, a fire escape moreover offers an escape means in case of an emergency. If you seek a great fire escape ladder, the X-IT 2 Story (13′) Emergency Fire Escape Ladder would be a perfect pick.

X-IT 2 Story (13') Emergency Fire Escape Ladder


This fire escape ladder or X-IT ladder fits most windows and wall sizes, making it a great choice for any house or building. This X-IT fire escape ladder is lightweight at six pounds, making it easy to carry and install wherever need be. The installation is straightforward; thus, you do not need any skill or be an expert to do it.

There is not much time to consider in an emergency, which might determine success or failure to escape. This emergency exit ladder or escape ladder, moreover. It can sustain a complete weight of 1000 pounds which makes this ladder perfect and easy to use every time.

This X-IT emergency fire escape ladder could easily stretch. This feature makes it more trustworthy than older versions that used safety cords, ropes, or chains. The fire safety ladder hooks that attach the ladder to the wall are robust and efficiently allow you to use the ladder.


  • Very robust safety ladders for households
  • It could be easily stretched
  • The ladder is long-lasting
  • Fits in the most wall as well as window sills
  • Does not require much space for storage
  • The package contains an installation manual for easy setup
  • Features an anti-swivel position lock nut for ease in addition to a secure setup


  • It is not easy to fold back afterward being stretched

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Sharewin Best Portable Fire Ladders

This ladder from Sharewin has a range of astonishing features. Designed to deliver maximum steadiness and strength, it offers lifelong performance without presenting any main problems. Note that the ladder measures 15-foot high as well as weighs 11.12 lbs.

Sharewin Portable Fire Ladders


First, the central brack of this ladder is v-shaped, which makes it more steady and strong. Moreover, the braided rope facilitates a sturdy performance as it is least likely to be strained. Plus, the screws are of the premier quality, which makes all the fittings very strong.

Also, this ladder is astonishingly more lightweight than the majority of products you will find out there. As such, it becomes very comfy to handle and could be easily fitted onto most window frames. You could rest assured that these clips will never slip.

What’s more, it saves a lot of storage space as it could be folded easily to fit under the bed or in a wall closet. Finally, it has a maximum capacity of about 990 lbs., thanks to its robust construction.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 990 lbs
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and remains stable
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Clips would never slip


  • Ropes may get tangled during storage

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HYNAWIN Best Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

Made with lightweight aluminum material, HYNAWIN Emergency Fire Escape Ladder is astonishingly lightweight. So, carrying it should not be a headache for you. Besides, this makes it easier to use, too. With the strong hooks, you could fix this thing up on any window frame.

HYNAWIN Emergency Fire Escape Ladder


Because of the V-center support, it would stay firmly attached to your escape windows even while there is a bigger load on the anti-slip rungs. Because of its high portability, you will get to change the place of deployment anytime you want!

When you are not using this one, the fire emergency ladder can be folded entirely. As a result, the general size will be greatly reduced, to the point where you could easily store it underneath your bed! This handy feature makes it easy to store this ladder without taking up much space.

The aluminum material used to construct this product is also quite sturdy. On top of that, it comes all-inclusive with solid steel hooks. As a result, it could bear up to 990 pounds without any problem.

That means up to three persons can climb on this unit at the same time. The strong anti-slip rungs come with an anti-slip feature for confirming safer climbing.


  • It boasts a space-saving design for easy storage
  • Lightweight as well as compact for offering portability
  • Highly strong for taking a huge load
  • Made to attach to most common windows firmly


  • Does not offer a safety harness or safety belt

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ISOP Two Story Best Reusable Fire Escape Ladder

If there is an emergency at house, school, or work, the most important thing is to get out of there safely. Because of this, we built our escape ladder for upwards of two-story residences so that you may flee any property through the windows with ease and security. Your home, school, or condominium needs a reliable safety fire ladder if you don’t have an easy escape or if it is difficult to get to.

ISOP Two Story Fire Escape Ladder 13 ft Flame Resistant Emergency Rope Ladder


ISOP Two Story Fire Escape Ladder is packed to give tangle-free, rapid release, and accessible exit path via your window for both children and adults. This emergency ladder is a must-have for anybody concerned about the safety of themselves, their loved ones, or their coworkers in the event of an emergency, thanks to its sturdy construction and its heavy-duty carabiners, which can sustain up to 2500 pounds.

ISOP Two Story Fire Escape Ladder is a Fire escape rope ladder for adults, with heavy strength O carabiners, for two stories.

Non-slip, weather-resistant, and difficult to distort yellow resin ladder rungs come with the ISOP Two Story Fire Escape Ladder. Lightweight, non-slip, non-prickly, and safe to use, the rope is made of polyester and wrapped in polyethylene terephthalate (PE). Its caps are larger, thicker, and more durable. Reinforced caps are essential for the long-term and safe usage of ladders since these rungs shatter under weight in certain areas.

Safety is guaranteed even in the event of an emergency with the ISOP Two Story Fire Escape Ladder. Heavy strong carabiners with 11KN breaking strength are included with the ladders. Perfect for high-rise escape, firefighting in hotels, offices, schools, and residences, development, construction training, mountain rescue & emergency, rock climbing, and climbing

Firefighters will like the ease with which these may be stored beneath your bed, in closets, or hanging around windows with anchors. 12 inches wide by 13 feet (4 meters) long. Length of the ISOP Two Story Fire Escape Ladder rungs: 0.88 Inch Rope Diameter: 0.88 Inch.


  • heavy duty O carabiners
  • non-slip and wear-resistant, weather resistant
  • Weight Capacity over 2000lbs
  • Portable & Reusable


  • Sometimes can be unstable

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What to Consider When Selecting the Best Fire Escape Ladder

Your family’s security could sometimes hang on a fire escape ladder— so a trustworthy, high-quality product is a must. Here are some noteworthy considerations to keep in mind while shopping for the best fire escape ladder.



Every ladder has varied heights. You must select the right-sized ladder. Check out how high your window inside is from the ground. Then buying a ladder that goes down to the ground precisely from your window sills.

For 2-story homes, it is recommended to get a fire escape ladder that is about 12-15 feet. You’d need a 32-feet ladder if you are living in a 3-story flat. In the case of a 4/5-story or multi-story home, you would need one that is at least 50 feet.


Number of Stories

Your home’s design and structure factor into selecting the fire escape ladders for your security plan. While there is always the prospective for injury while escaping through a window, having a correctly sized fire escape ladder could minimize the probability of an accident.

Most Fire escape ladders come in two foremost varieties: two-story and three-story. A two-story escape ladder would work for the most raised ranch as well as Cape Cod-style homes. Three-story fire escape ladders are better suitable for farmhouse, colonial, and townhouse styles, as the bedroom windows in these households, are usually higher from the ground, needing a longer ladder to climb to safety.


Ease of Use

You have got to be quick when it comes to escaping from the fire. Thus, naturally, you will not have much time to spend on using and positioning the entire ladder. Imagine fiddling around and wasting valuable seconds in deploying the ladder through a fire breakout. Not a pleasant experience, is it? Certainly not!

That’s why you would always make certain to get a ladder designed to be easy to use and offer fast deployment. It should be fully assembled as well as ready for use. The lightweight alternatives that feature hooks are usually easier to work with.


Storage Facilities

Your fire safety ladder would be easy to store so that it does not take too much space. Most top-grade ones are foldable so that you can hide them under your beds. Some even come with storage bags wherever they could be easily stored.



The fire escape ladder’s hook is the part that’s responsible for keeping the ladder sufficiently attached to your window sill while you’re climbing down to safety. This portion of the ladder must be strong and constructed using only the most solid materials to confirm that it does not stand the risk of breaking underneath pressure. Several models are tested severely with numerous weights to confirm that they’re powerful enough to accommodate up to 1,000 pounds. Study the product you want to buy before you make any verdict.


Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity is vital because the higher it is, the more people could descend using it simultaneously. Some models could handle only one person, which would not be useful if several people needed to be rescued. The ladder should also offer maximum traction.


Product Weight

Moreover, you might need to think of getting a ladder that is not too weighty since everyone should be capable of carrying, attaching, and deploying it if essential. The ladder weighs 7 to 28 pounds, depending on the ingredients and length.


Ladder Standoffs

At the time of your deployment of a fire escape ladder, the slip-resistant rungs sit constricted against the side of the house. That lack of space between the ladder and the exterior wall could make it very hard to securely get your feet into each rung.

Some makers address this issue with standoffs: small wings on each rung to hold them somewhat off the house’s side. This provides you with just sufficient room to naturally position the ball of your steady foothold on the rung, providing security, safety, and balance. They moreover make it easier to get your hands behind the anti-slip rungs for additional secure gripping.


Safety Rating

How would you know if the ladder is safe otherwise not? An easy way to find out about the security is by checking the fire escape ladder ratings. You could check the fire escape ladder’s standard safety rating, and you could also check if your state demands precisely rated products.

Never compromise on the safety scores, and guarantee that you purchase the best option accessible to you. It will keep your family safe.



A fire escape ladder’s durability depends on numerous factors, including its design and the materials used to build the constituents. For example, some are designed for single-use only that are not as strong as those constructed for limitless use. You have to choose what you want first before buying.



Best Fire escape ladders for homes are the backup solution to save your life if you cannot escape a house fire from the upper level of your house. While you might never have to use it, just having a plan B in place would keep you plus your family’s minds at ease.

Fire Escape Ladders come in lengths for at least two and three-story buildings. And the finest ones are those that could be unpacked for a practice run or fire drills and packed up again with no negative effect.

Fire Safety is the main concern to us all as fire knows no limits once it has started. Be ready just in case of any fire disaster.

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FAQs for Best Fire Escape Ladder

Are fire escape ladders allowed in buildings?

Ans: Fire escape ladders are typically not permitted as an alternate escape route in new buildings

Are fire escape ladders reusable?

Ans: Several compressed-style fire escape ladders are not designed to be reused. You could not even practice using one of these without having to get a new one.

How do you store a fire escape ladder?

Ans: Store the ladder wherever it can be instantly accessed, near the window, underneath a bed, or in a closet’s front part.

How many fire escape ladders do I need?

Ans: Each room in the building must have at least two possible escape routes, which means a fire escape ladder must be installed in each room on the second story and higher.

What are the 4 types of fire extinguishers?

Ans: There are four classes of fire extinguishers – A, B, C, and D – and each class could put out a diverse type of fire

What height do you install smoke detectors?

Ans: Wall-mounted smoke alarms should be installed not more than 12 inches away from the ceiling.

What is the best fire escape ladder to buy?

Ans: First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder and Kidde Fire Escape Ladders are our top choices.

What size escape ladder do I need?

Ans: Select 13 to 15 feet for two-story homes as well as 20 to 25 feet for three-story homes

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