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Choosing the best dock ladder for your deck can be very hectic work. If you have no prior familiarity with the field, buying the wrong one is easier than stumbling upon the right one by random chance.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the top-rated dock ladders on the market.  Dock ladders are a very classy accessory for boaters and even for your swimming pool aesthetics.

We have selected these dock ladders based on the dock ladder reviews and features. You can find the features in our buying guide section, along with an installation process guide.

Let’s see the top picks then!


7 Best Dock Ladders Reviewed – Our Top Picks

Here are the top dock ladders for the best dock ladder so you can find dock ladders for your taste, we hope you find the right one!


Extreme Max 3005.3380 Best 4-Step Dock Ladder

Extreme Max is one of the well-known manufacturers on the ladder market. This is also the highest-reviewed dock ladder on Amazon.

The Extreme Max dock ladder is made with high quality aluminum. There are 4 steps on this model, but you can get 3 step ladder or 5 step ladders for your dock.

Extreme Max 3005.3380 4-Step Pontoon/Dock Ladder


The Extreme Max 3005.3380 dock ladder comes with a built in angle that makes the climbing easier. The extra wide steps are spaced conveniently and have a solid footing for ensuring your safety and stability. The step width is 15 inches in size.

There is a heavy duty square tubing construction for durability and stability. You can use this dock ladder for two other needs with the right mounting hardware.

The design is simple, and the secure mounting makes the relocation of the ladder easy and fast. Extreme Max 3005.3380 are easy to store and carry.

These ladders are rust and corrosion-free for freshwater application. This is very useful for boating, floating docks, pool use, and dock ladder use. The only downside is it can’t be used in saltwater; saltwater can corrode the dock ladder.

The Extreme Max 3005.3380 dock ladder price is a bit of a high cost, to be fair, but the feature makes it a good dock ladder deal for you. The ladder comes with a 2 year replacement warranty.


  • Aluminum dock ladder, suited for your dock edge, boat ladders, and pools
  • Sturdy construction, durable dock ladders
  • Excellent boat dock ladder with weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Tall handrails for balance with square tubing construction
  • High-grade construction makes extra stability for corrosion resistant freshwater applications
  • Reliable two year warranty


  • Not for salt water uses

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Dock Edge Best Lock Security Dock Ladder

Dock Edge dock ladder is a premium quality ladder for your docks, with many premium qualities and a massive weight capacity.

Dock Edge dock ladder is a roto molded ladder. It is very tough and durable. You can flip up this roto molded ladder when you don’t need it and then flip down when you need it. This has a locking mechanism for safety.

Dock Edge Dock Ladder


Dock Edge dock ladder is very durable, corrosion resistant, and weather resistant. There are UV Inhibitors that protect the dock ladder from fading and cracking. The fungicide coating makes sure that the ladder doesn’t attract fungi and other marine growth and becomes slippery.

The ladder has 14 inches wide steps for extra stability of footing. There is a grooved locked position that holds the ladder when it is flipped up. You can use this ladder for your dock, pool, and even on your boats.

Although the Dock Edge dock ladder price is not in the affordable range, considering the quality, durability, and construction, it’s worth the price tag.


  • Roto molded dock ladder with lock security
  • Features wide steps for additional support
  • Well built, tough, and durable for long life
  • Flip up dock ladder for floating dock
  • UV inhibitors for UV ray resistance
  • Fungicide coated for fungus resistance
  • Weight capacity 500 pounds


  • Higher price tag

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Techstar Dl-5 Best Five Steps Dock Ladder, Plastic, Sandstone

Techstar dock ladder is one of the most desired dock ladders in recent times. And it comes with many expert recommendations because of the features that this ladder packs!

Techstar Dl-5 five steps Dock Ladder, Plastic, Sandstone


This dock ladder is molded from polyethylene and is colored like sandstone. It is marine grade, corrosion proof, and has wide non slip steps for your convenience and safety. It is a flip up design for saving space and keeping the ladder dry.

The dock ladder comes with stainless steel hardware for easy mounting. You can easily mount this dock ladder anywhere on your dock of any style. The weight capacity of this ladder is 350 pounds, perfectly suitable for boaters and for swimming pools.

This Techstar Dock Ladder comes with a 10 year limited warranty for you. This promise makes the steep price a bit reasonable.


  • Flip-up dock ladder for a floating dock and stationary docks and safer dock environment
  • Tough and durable for long life
  • Molded plastic construction with no welding
  • Large steps for using the ladder safely even in deeper water
  • Perfect replacement for your existing ladder
  • Dock ladder offers 10 year warranty


  • Mounting bolts and screws are not included
  • Premium price for premium ladder

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Extreme Max 3005.3473 Best Flip-Up Dock Ladder

This is another Extreme Max dock ladder on our list. This dock ladder is different from the other Extreme Max ladder on our list. We will look at the features that distinguish this dock ladder from the other Extreme Max dock ladder.

Extreme Max 3005.3473 Flip-Up Dock Ladder


This Extreme Max 3005.3473 dock ladder is also made with aluminum. It is lightweight and very durable. While the weight is irrelevant, the lightweight is a stationary ladder for your dock, ensuring the easy installation of the ladder.

There are four steps on this dock ladder, but there are options from 3 step ladder to 6 step ladder as well. This is a flip up dock ladder or retractable dock ladder that can be kept away from water level when not in use.

The material makes this ladder corrosion-free and durable. The weight capacity of the Extreme Max 3005.3473 dock ladder is 300 pounds, a standard for all uses.

The weight capacity is complemented by the sturdy welded aluminum construction that makes the ladder last for a long time. You can assemble this dock ladder easily with common hand tools without having to worry about other tools.

The price of the Extreme Max 3005.3473 dock ladder is a bit high, but it comes with a two year warranty.


  • Sturdy welded aluminum construction for durability
  • Flip-up dock ladder for a floating dock and easy storage
  • Aluminum dock ladder with no-slip design
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Simple assembly, push pin design lightweight ladder
  • Stationary ladder, swing storage with a flip up design
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds
  • Two year warranty


  • The bolts and nuts could have been better

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Dock Edge ECO Weld Free Best Fixed Dock Ladder

This is another Dock Edge Ladder on our list of dock ladders. This Dock Edge Eco Dock ladder is different from the previous one in many ways. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Dock Edge ECO Weld Free Fixed Dock Ladder


First off, this dock ladder is a fixed ladder; unlike the other options, it has a flip-up design. The material is weld free marine grade aluminum. This material is very durable and perfect for marine conditions. In addition, the Dock Edge Fixed Dock ladder is able to resist corrosion and water damages for a long time.

The steps are bolted for extra strength and stability. The handles are serrated for a non slip grip. There’re no sharp edges that can cause damage to your hand or feet while using the dock ladder.

The ladder is easy to assemble and is the perfect dock ladder for pools and docks. The lightweight of the ladder can be handled by one person only. The ergonomic design of the extended handrails makes sure of perfect and easy to grasp.

The Dock Edge Eco fixed dock ladder’s price depends on the size and number of steps. However, it’s safe to say that the dock ladder price can be a bit high for most people.


  • Fixed model, stationary dock ladder, perfect for pontoons
  • Tough and durable for long life
  • Extended handrails with quick release kit
  • Marine grade aluminum construction with no welding
  • Bolted steps marine dock ladder with a sleek design


  • Doesn’t have wider step

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JIF MARINE Products LLC 4 LLC Best 4 Anodized Aluminum Dock Ladder

JIF marine anodized aluminum dock ladder is the next dock ladder on our list. This is a high quality, premium dock ladder with many recommendations from users.

JIF MARINE Products LLC 4 LLC 4 Anodized Aluminum Dock Ladder


This anodized aluminum ladder is 22% stronger than any rival ladder brand. It is constructed with 6005T-5 Anodized Aluminum; this construction makes the dock ladder very strong and gives it a very long serving life.

The ladder is made with no gap welding on steps and other joints for durability, making the dock ladder very strong. The ladder has a weight capacity of 750 pounds on each step. The construction makes the dock ladder better at corrosion resistance and water resistance.

The large and angled steps give you the stability and comfort of using the dock ladder. This gives you a large platform to stand on and prevents you from slipping from the steps.

The price of this ladder is a bit high, but there is a substantial discount on Amazon for you; check for more details. You can get this premium quality ladder for your dock. This will be the perfect new dock ladder for you.


  • Fixed model aluminum dock ladder, stationary dock ladder
  • Tough and durable for long life for floating dock
  • 6005T-5 Anodized Aluminum construction with no welding
  • Large steps, better than finger pier ladder
  • Angled steps with gradual incline for older members of the club


  • A bit pricier

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Pactrade Marine Best Stationary Fixed Dock Ladder

This four-step straight ladder from Pactrade Marine Stationary Fixed Dock Ladder is fresh new. These marine-grade ladders are built of 6005 T5 aluminum alloy with a clear anodized coating to prevent future corrosion, making them ideal for simple and steady water access.

Pactrade Marine Stationary Fixed Dock Ladder


Seawalls or docks with variable water levels benefit greatly from the use of these vertical ladders. The anodized coating on this extra-strong aluminum alloy helps to keep it free of oxidation. Useful for sea barriers and immobile docks with variable water lines.

The anodized coating on the Pactrade Marine Stationary Fixed Dock Ladder’s extra-strong aluminum alloy helps to maintain it free of corrosion.

For seawalls and stationary docks with variable water lines, our new Pactrade Marine Stationary Fixed Dock Ladder straight four-step stationary ladder is ideal.

The Pactrade Marine Stationary Fixed Dock Ladder is built to last thanks to its corrosion-resistant construction.

Marine environments will appreciate the 750-lb capacity of this Pactrade Marine Stationary Fixed Dock Ladder. When ascending and descending, the Pactrade Marine Stationary Fixed Dock Ladder has 21 wide, 21-inch-high handles.


  • 750-lb capacity
  • anodized coating
  • 6005 T5 aluminum alloy


  • Mounting hardware is not included

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Buying Guide For the Best Dock Ladder

We will help you with the knowledge you’ll need when you decide to buy the right dock ladder. If you look closely, all the products we have reviewed have some features in common.

We have listed them here, separately, for your convenience. If you go through these features, you will surely be conversationally fluent on all things concerning dock ladder without any trouble.



Material is perhaps the most essential feature to look for in a dock ladder. Not only because the sturdiness of the ladder depends on the material, but also because dock ladders are closer to water and are susceptible to weather conditions that are different and more challenging than that of other ladders.

There are a few materials that are used to make ladders for maximum durability. But we’ve discussed the most common materials that are used to make dock ladders.

i. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel hardware is one of the most common types of construction for tools. Dock ladders are made with stainless steel for durability and resistance to conditions. These are sturdy ladders with the sturdy construction of steel.

The longevity of the steel dock ladder is unquestionably high. These constructions make the steel dock ladder very durable and weather resistant.

Stainless steel dock ladders give you extra support.

Stainless steel ladders are usually heavy. Most people use these ladders as a stationary ladder; they are also a bit pricey.

ii. Aluminum Ladder

Aluminum is cheaper than steel and almost as durable as it. These dock ladders can also be used for your docks. These ladders have a long life, and because they are a bit more flexible than steel, you can be sure that these sturdy design constructions will give you a long serving life.

Aluminum ladders are lightweight and portable for your need. There are many types of construction on these ladders that are made possible because of these materials.

There are other materials, such as polyethylene.


Weight Capacity

The dock ladder needs to be able to take the weight of everyone that is going to use it. Such a ladder that cannot withstand the weight is useless.

Weight capacity is, therefore, a very important feature that should be considered. Most ladders on our list have a maximum capacity of over 300 pounds.



The next important factor for buying a dock ladder is the steps. The steps have to be wide, angled, and sturdy. A wide step will provide you with more stability because you are most likely to be wet when using the dock ladder.

The angled step will prevent falling, and anti slip steps will give you a good grip while using the ladder. Make sure you look for the steps with the qualities that you are most comfortable with.

There are options with anti slip or slip resistant coatings that allow you to climb the ladder without worrying about falling.


Types of Dock Ladder

There are many types of ladders. There are retractable dock ladders that can be retrieved when you want. You can have rope ladders or stationary ladders, sometimes called fixed ladders. All of these dock ladders are very useful and advantageous on many levels.

Getting the right dock ladder for your need depends entirely on you. If you are willing to leave the ladder on the dock, stationary ladders are for you. If you want to take the ladder off when you want, you can get the other dock ladder types.

There are folding dock ladders that are very convenient for your use. You can store your folding dock ladder whenever you want. You can easily hoist them up by yourself for easy storage.

The folding dock ladder is easy to store and takes less space in the storage space.


Construction Quality

The construction quality of the ladder is a very important feature of the dock ladder. There are anodized finish aluminum ladders that are less prone to corrosion and oxidation even in deeper water. The compact design is another way of construction that makes sure your dock ladder works perfectly for you.

Besides these features, you can look for stability, versatility, and easy installation instructions. These features are very helpful.

There are flip up design dock ladders that are easy to keep away from the water when you are not using them.



The most important buying consideration is budget. Typically the price of the dock ladder range from $70 to $300 and upwards of $600.

But, not all expensive ladders are the finest, and not all cheap ladders are bad. This depends on the features, convenience, and personal preference.


Other Accessories

While this is not a feature of the ladder itself per se, it can be handy to look for accessories for the dock ladder. If there are options available for accessories, you should go for that.

Accessories like LED light, straight ladders bumper, pool noodles, etc., are the most common accessories that often come with the dock ladders.


How to Install Dock Ladder

Here is an easy installation guide for your installation convenience.

Ideally, 2-4 stainless steel bolts on each side should be used to secure the ladder to the joists. Suppose your dock is constructed of composite materials. In that case, you’ll need to put something beneath it to offer stability, such as a wooden 2×4. The bolts will rip straight through without it.

If you wish to be able to remove the ladder quickly, use a quick-release kit instead. Two aluminum or steel bars that are connected to the dock are included in these kits. The ladder is positioned on top of the bars and secured with a pin that can be removed easily and without the need for tools. On lakes that freeze in the winter, this is an excellent alternative.


Final Thoughts

Our list is made with the best dock ladders with the highest customer reviews. These also have the top features according to our experts and research. We have made sure that these dock ladders will serve you well and for long. Besides the longevity, the features will make your life easier and using the dock ladder more convenient.

If you have used a dock ladder that we have missed on our list, you can write to us about that. We will look into it.

You can share this article with your peers, so they will also know how to buy the right dock ladder (data rights reserved by our privacy). Finally, we appreciate your feedback; please write to us with your honest opinions, additionally criticisms.



How do you clean barnacles off a dock ladder?

Ans: There are cleaning solutions to clean barnacles. If it doesn’t work, you can use a plastic knife or microfiber cloth to dry the rungs.

How many steps do you need on a dock ladder?

Ans: Typically, dock ladders with hoffen stainless steel have around 4 to 6 steps for easy boarding; with an increase of step numbers, the size of the ladder increases. You need to keep a couple of steps in the water depth.

How to attach a ladder to a dock?

Ans: To attach the dock ladder to the dock, it will feature four bolt holes, two on each side of the flat base of the handles. Weld it to the metal of an aluminum pier to make it permanent.

What is the best dock ladder with a platform?

Ans: There are many options for dock ladder with platform. You can see our list for the right one for you.

What is the finest detachable dock ladder?

Ans: You can see our list for more details on the detachable dock ladders.

Where do you put a ladder on a dock?

Ans: If you are using the dock with another boater, you need to consult them to figure out the best place that works for both of you. Or you can put the ladder on your side of the dock. Make sure to put the ladder where it is easiest for you to use.

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