Best Ladder Stabilizer To Help Stabilize Your Climb On A Ladder – Reviews & A Buying Guide For DIYers

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Do you want to be safe while working with the ladder? If yes, then you must use the best ladder stabilizer. As the name recommends, they aid in keeping your ladders stable and offer an essential grip on the workplace. They effortlessly mount on extension or single ladders and make it suitable for you to work for cleaning gutters, reaching windows as well as rooftops. They are also compatible for sidings, painting, or any exterior repair work.

When it’s time to clean the gutters, you always need to confirm that you’re using the correct precautionary measures to stay safe and steady on the ladder. This is where a ladder stabilizer comes in. These gadgets are used to upsurge vertical stability and make it easier for you to work on a ladder. Let us look at how the best ladder stabilizer work and why you must consider getting one for yourself if you do lots of roof maintenance.

In this article, we reviewed the top-rated ladder stabilizers available in the market. We took into account the customers’ experiences and experts’ opinions. We also incorporated a buying guide for your consideration so that you make an educated purchase.


The Best Ladder Stabilizers For Cleaning Gutters: Our Top Picks

These are our top picks—based on customer reviews and expert opinions— for the best ladder stabilizers. Read on the reviews.


Werner AC78 Best Quickclick Ladder Stabilizer

It is a tool-free ladder stabilizer by Werner. Being made in the USA, this stabilizer offers a standoff of 10 inches and a width of 44 inches. You could use this best ladder stabilizer on ladders up to 40 ft. It is an extension accessory that you could easily use without the necessity of tools.

Werner AC78 Quickclick Stabilizer


This ladder stabilizer contains a spring-loaded fastener that makes it a breeze to install. In the end, there are mar-resistant rubber caps to guard the working surface against scrapes. You will also get the paint hook with it.

The good part is that steel stabilizers are rapidly connected. Initially, they made up the stabilizer by clipping the hooks as well as pads on. There is furthermore a chain leash which you could connect with the ladder. While you connect it, you will notice all its grooves, whether, at the first or second run, that helps in placing the ladder steady. You would not place the second run too low to get it trapped in the future. Moreover, it will not add much weight to the ladder. While they tried to hit our feet on the ladder by force, it still held it in place.

It took twenty minutes to complete the procedure. The weight is approx. 6 lb. Therefore, it is easy to transport to your ladder and does not increase its total weight. However, you cannot use this stabilizer on Type II fiberglass extension ladders, Type III (aluminum), or MT series ladders. Moreover, the ladders with stages otherwise planks are not appropriate. Concerning steel and aluminum’s material quality, the Werner AC78 Quickclick stabilizer offers a long-term solution to use. It features a spring-loaded locking latch for easy installation and removal.

If you need ladder stabilizers for the ladders that could reach a height of up to 40 feet, this Werner adjustable ladder standoff is one of the finest. Also, throughout testing, we realized that it is easy to install compared to other stabilizers.


  • Needs no tools to connect
  • Used with extension ladders
  • It is easy to install for a spring-loaded locking latch
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • It is compatible with single and extension ladders


  • It cannot be used with precise ladders

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Ladder-Max Best Stand Off Ladder Stabilizer

Ladder Max is one of those stabilizers that provide you all the support you need by the merit of its straightforward design. Please take a look into some of the particulars that help it to do so.

Ladder-Max Stand Off Stabilizer


The stabilizer arms are long, and the size is mainly made to be of benefit to you. It will give you 19 inches of space to help unrestricted movement.

The Ladder Max Stand Off Stabilizer will have a more slanted, firm angle with the gutters. Therefore it will relieve you from the discomfort of being disturbingly close to the wall. 

There are rubber clutches at the ends that would form a stable hooking grip with the roofing tiles. You will be fairly secure on top as your ladder gets full support from the linking among the rubber caps as well as the roof itself.

The long arms of the Ladder Max stabilizer would go over the gutter and grasp onto the tiles of the rooftop. Therefore, your rain gutter would not have to bear any weight of the ladder itself, and therefore, it will not be in the way of damage.

The Ladder Max Stand-off Stabilizer mounts onto your present ladder and is considered the best ladder stabilizer for cleaning gutters. It, hands down, would increase the stability of your workplace. Moreover, this stabilizer is perfect for working around windows, eaves, and painting or fixing high walls. Standoff stabilizers are constructed to withstand the weight of the ladder and the individual on it, and much more. They stabilize the workstation and protect the gutters and roofing materials from probable damages from the ladder inclined against them.

This is certainly the finest ladder stabilizer for gutter cleaning. This will be a good fit if you live in an area where the rain gutters need regular cleaning.


  • No wobbling
  • Firm direct roof placement
  • Ladder max stand Gives you space to move spontaneously
  • Ladder Max is Easy to attach and detach from the ladder
  • Made of strong steel that does not give way to pressure


  • The top rung attachment is not protected; you have to attach it to the third rung

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Little Giant 10111 Wing Span Wall Standoff Best Construction Ladder Stabilizer

Little Giant 10111 Wing Span Wall Standoff is best for working with gutters, windows, dangling Christmas lights, eliminating dirt litter from your roof, or fixing a broken roof.

Little Giant 10111 Wing Span Wall Standoff


Little Giant 10111 Wing Span Wall Standoff helps you reach the uppermost heights and gives you a ladder stability balance without the panic of falling. Little giant ladders are designed with an additional width of 50 inches and a standoff of 12 inches that provides flexibility and consistent stabilizing.

Depending on the type of job you want to perform, this ladder stabilizer is easy to mount as well as attach to your articulating ladders. You do not require any other additional tool to tighten the screw. All you require is your hand. All that requires to be done is mount the stabilizer on your ladder and then tighten up the metal rod attached to a piece of metal on the stabilizer’s center. And you are good to go.

This ladder stabilizer is appropriate for any contractor or proprietor, or DIYs who want to add more worth in broadening the ladders’ reach and performing their tasks.


  • Sturdy and strong construction
  • Sufficient standoff width to shield your gutter from damage
  • Keeps the ladder stability
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Appropriate for cleaning gutters, windows, otherwise hanging Christmas lights,
  • Great for Working around Hurdles
  • Width 50 inches and Standoff 12 inches
  • 4-foot Fixed Span Position
  • Hand-Tightened Screw Ascribes Easily
  • Aluminum Rust Resistant


  • Stoppers do not lie flat on a roof, makes a ladder heavier
  • It is not compatible with ladders that have round stabilizer rungs

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Louisville Ladder LP 2200-00 Best LightWeight Ladder Stabilizer

The Louisville ladder stabilizer is designed with superior quality, classy nature, and a smooth finish to provide you with the added layer of strength and safety required in your ladder. The LP-2200-00 Ladder Stabilizer flawlessly fits into any extension ladders with rails up to 4 inches x 1.75 inches, securely holding the ladder 12 inches away from the wall.

Louisville Ladder LP 2200-00 Stabilizer


This will provide you an easy time to paint the ceilings, walls and clean the windows. It has two u bolts that are easy to fasten and detach to the topmost part of your ladder, giving you additional protection from the surfaces of your homes plus walls.

It is appropriate for constructors and DIYs who want above the standard solidity and sturdiness while it comes to ladder solidity. While it comes to compatibility, Louisville Ladder LP 2200-00 Stabilizer is considered for single or extension ladders with rails that are 4 inches.

It also makes cleaning gutters so easy as you have such a big stabilized space. It is a diverse style on our list of the best ladder stabilizers for cleaning gutters; however, its size is longer and better for narrow roofs.

This stabilizer’s benefits include being capable of adjusting to most ladder sizes effortlessly, attaching to the ladder with the U bolts, and having disposable heavy-duty rubber tips.

The product’s sizes are 12.79 inches wide x 48.5 inches in length x 2.2-inch height. Another great advantage of this stabilizer is that it is easy to use and removes wobbling while you are climbing up.


  • It is easy to install
  • Sturdy construction body
  • Extra stability
  • It fits on windows and significant single and extension ladders
  • Lightweight and Rust-resistant
  • It is easy to attach and detach
  • Keeps your ladder stable
  • Standoff distance is 12 inches


  • Hard to release
  • U-clamps are not that strong

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Roofers 220539 RT-LM Mount – Best Plastic Ladder Stabilizer

Are you seeking a ladder stabilizer that could be mounted inside the gutter? Here is one such product that would serve the purpose for you. Roofers 220539 RT-LM is a gutter docking station that disperses the ladder’s weight against the facade without injuring the gutter.

Roofers 220539 RT-LM Mount – Ladder Stabilizer


The heavy-duty plastic stabilizers fit inside all the 5 inches by  6 inches gutters and offer you sufficient safety while climbing. The design confirms that the channel does not get damaged. You could use a pole or a broom handle to position this in the drain first. After placing it, you could mount the ladder on this stabilizer.

It would be noted that this model is made of plastic only. If you have an extensive gutter, you might require adding a piece of insulation on both sides. If you have a step ladder in your home, then it would convert even easier to use this ladder stabilizer. Generally, the quality is good. It will not crack or bend easily. It is worth the buying if you are seeking something reasonable yet beneficial.

It fits strongly over ferrules and gutter brackets for improved stability as well as ladder support. Thus, it offers outstanding gutter protection. It will not blow over or fall if you have to access the roof!

The gutter docking station secures the ladder for safe roof mounting hardware and dismounting. It fits securely inside any 5-inch otherwise 6-inch gutter using any kind of pole or broom handle to place the ladder mount in the gutter beforehand use.

It is heavy-duty and could handle all stresses by the ladder and installation into the gutter. There are non-skid rubber pads on the stabilizer’s face for further suitability that make the ladder more secure.

In addition, the two small holes on either end of the docking station let you attach a rope or a bungee cord to tie the ladder to the stabilizer for additional security.


  • All-plastic construction
  • This model simply fits inside the gutter, and it does not damage them
  • The ladder weight is distributed on the fascia
  • IA lightweight product as this weighs just 2 pounds
  • Stop ladder slipping with rubber pads


  • It is made of plastic

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Qualcraft 2470 Corner Buddy Best Aluminum Ladders Stabilizer

Qualcraft 2470 Corner Buddy Aluminum Ladder Stabilizer is precisely designed to use on corners for providing steadiness for the ladder. You would not face any difficulties using it on multi-surfaces, at the round-, flat- or multi-dimensional build.

Qualcraft 2470 Corner Buddy Aluminum Ladders Stabilizer


It offers easier access to downspouts and gutters through repair or installation and soffits for siding or electrical applications. You can work securely!

Suitably, you could transport or use this stabilizer all around the house without having to eliminate it from your ladder.

The attachment and elimination procedure is a snap! It easily connects to practically any ladder kind. Moreover, the rubber bumpers add a shield against the building surface.

Lastly, the yellow safety coating adds sturdiness and weather resistance to this extension ladder corner standoff. Moreover, the yellow coating offers high visibility; thus, you can work with a ladder safely as required.

Qualcraft 2470 Corner Buddy is one of the best stabilizers for gutter cleaners. This promotes utility and safety. There is no alternate for the Qual-craft corner buddy aluminum ladder stabilizer if you are in the market for a ladder wing span wall standoff to use multi-surface or multi-dimensional construction.


  • It fits most ladders
  • Very easy to connect, take away, and store
  • Easy to move around, however, attached to the ladder
  • Rust-resistant as well as weather-resistant
  • It has rubber bumpers for safety
  • The aluminum ladder is lightweight


  • It does not deliver enough clearance of the corner area

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Levelok Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets – Best Side Hole Fit Ladder Stabilizer

The next stabilizer on our list is from Levelok, and this ladder stabilizer is one of the safest alternatives accessible in the market. It complies with all the security standards, and it has a fantastic weight limit.

Levelok Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets


You could use it with aluminum or fiberglass extension ladders. One limit here is that you need to have a D or O-rung hole on the ladder rail, and it would also have a minimum diameter of 15/16 inches. There are no tools essential to install it, and the installation procedure is direct.

There is a set of two brackets, and each bracket is installed on the sides of the ladder stabilizer.  Aluminum is the main material used in manufacture. The contact points of the ladder’s brackets have a silicone elbow that guards the wall.

Levelok Stand Out Stabilizer offers exceptional stability for the ladder by minimalizing rocking and lateral movement.

It is perfect to fit most fiberglass ladders ideal and aluminum extension ladders with open O- or D-rung holes outside the rail. It is worth noting that the holes should have openings of 1 inch otherwise greater and at least 15 to 16-inch of clearance.

Just compress the two bracket-ends and slip them into the rung holes, and release. To eliminate them, just compress plus pull out.

Levelok Ladder Stabilizer spans 12-inch outside each edge of the ladder. Once introduced into the rung holes, the brackets offer a 1-foot wingspan wall standoff distance from the support surface to protect windows, gutters, and walls.

It strongly grips most surfaces, providing outstanding surface protection, however preventing side slippage because of its heavy-duty, non-marring silicone elbows.

Now at the point of the safety accreditation, this stuff is ANSI and OSHA compliant for ladder plus relevant accessories up to 300-pound duty rankings (Type 1A).


  • This ladder stabilizer meets ANSI & OSHA standards
  • It could be used with ladders up to 300 pounds rating
  • No fastener is required to install this ladder stabilizer
  • It could be used with extension ladders
  • It fits into the side holes
  • The brand offers a two-year guarantee on this ladder stabilizer
  • No fasteners essential for the installation


  • It needs the ladder to have holes on the side to fit

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Werner AC96 Best Aluminum Standoff Stabilizer

Using the AC96 aluminum stabilizer, a 47-inch span is supported by a 10-inch standoff. Aluminum ladders of various duty ratings can be used with this product. Work surfaces are protected by rubber end caps that are resistant to marring. Included is a hook for hanging a paint can. Maintaining a stable the M1 System multi-ladders in scaffolding or stairway locations is a great use for the M1 Series stabilizer.

Werner AC96 Aluminum Standoff Stabilizer


There are no expansions on this Werner ladder stabilizer. It has a 47-inch diameter and a 10-inch distance between it and the wall. All metal ladders with the proper duty ratings can be used with it. Rubber end caps are also included to do is provide safe installation and protection of working areas. Two U-bolt mounting hardware and work instructions are included. It is light and portable, weighing just around 4.5 pounds.

There were no issues with it throughout our testing. Once you get to the top of the ladder, you will not fall. Installation is a breeze because to the straightforward layout. In order to attach it to the ladder, two U-bolts are included. In addition to gutters, roofs, and windows, it is quite stable. Stabilization for M1 multi ladders in staircase or scaffolding situations is also perfect for this product. The material was shown to be robust throughout the testing, although it may not be suitable for little ladders. It has a unique set-up that only works on massive rungs of a ladder.

Additionally, you’ll get a painting can hook from which to hang additional tools, such as screwdrivers. There is, however, a drawback to using standoff for specific tasks, such as reaching lightbulbs in rooms. On MT versions, the distance may only be 4 inches, which is not ideal. So, if you don’t need the ladder stabilizer for any of the aforementioned tasks, you may still enjoy the stability features by attaching it to the ladder. Because of the strength and practicality of the panes and roofing, it’s a viable option.

Standing 10 inches apart, the AC96 Stabilizer extends 47 inches. Aluminum ladders of various duty ratings can be used with this product. It only takes a few seconds to attach. Rubber end covers that resist abrasion shield the worktop. Included is a hook for hanging a paint can.


  • It’s a simple to set up.
  • The body is well-built.
  • Protective rubber covers for the ends.
  • Works at nearly every significant location.


  • It’s a pain to get rid of
  • Bolts are flimsy

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Buyer’s Guide – Things To Consider While Buying The Best Ladder Stabilizer

Cleaning out the gutters, keeping your roof in great shape is a significant part of house maintenance. You must also give special attention to the essential safety steps when doing such work. You need ladder stabilizers.

However, before buying, you need to consider numerous factors to make a sensible decision.



It is the first issue to consider while selecting a ladder base stabilizer. This is because if the body is not strong enough to hold your weight, it might break off and pose a threat of wound. Typically, the ladder stabilizers come in steel or aluminum construction with plastic or rubber end caps. Consider the material quality of a great ladder accessory delivered with the body like end caps, pin chains, bolts, etc.

Your ladder must be very strong, and without a robust stabilizer, there is no chance of that. Thus, the first buying factor is the quality of the build. In other words, the quality of the ingredients that were used to make it.

If the material is not robust and resilient, the body of the stabilizer would crack or snap into pieces. We do not want that – it would be nightmarish. Thus go for stabilizers made of steel or Aluminum – these components are themselves very robust, resilient, and durable. Thus, they make trustworthy stabilizers.


Compatibility with Ladder Kinds

There are numerous different kinds of ladders available. In your house, you may have a single-pole ladder, a huge extension ladder, or some other kind of ladder. To purchase the stabilizer, you have to match it with the ladder you have at home.

Ladder stabilizers are not universally compatible. Compatibility is highly significant when you are working on your roof. Therefore, make sure you discover the ideal ladder stabilizer for the roof.


Safety Level

It is the no-brainer point, correct? You are certainly buying the stabilizer for your safety. But where to look to know if it would be safe enough for use?

Examine the extensions on the side. They play the main role in holding the device level and robust. The extensions would be uniform and made with similar material as the body – rather steel or Aluminum.

Another pointer of safety is the dimensions of the opening. A wider opening at the stabilizer’s mouth is dependent on a higher degree of safety than a device with a narrow opening.



You will not keep the stabilizer attached to your ladder since that would take up a needless amount of space in the house. So, we recommend that you get something that has an easy attachment mechanism.

To recognize easy installation devices, ask if the installation procedure needs the use of tools. Better to avoid the ones that do since the tools may get lost also.

Just choose an easy put-on/put-off stabilizer with no additional hardware attachment. That way, you could put the stabilizer away without any disturbance.



Some stabilizers are not appropriate for use on the straight wall or gutters. It is wise to look for stabilizers for the precise use envisioned for it. Determine the precise use of them other than gutter cleaners to avoid inconveniences.



Though not very significant as others, but it is a factor that could not be ignored. The weight does not mean that a heavy stabilizer is not correct to go for. The heavy ones furthermore have got their significance. Instead, the lightweight stabilizer is beneficial because of its portability. You could carry them from one place to another with the ladder.



Accessories will affect the construct quality of the device. You may add a tray, ladder jacks, a small rack, or even little attachments similar bolts and end caps to it. In that case, make certain that the accessories are of superior quality too.

Furthermore, see that accessories do not add additional weight to the stabilizer. If they do, your balance may go a bit off point, which would have a significantly unwanted effect.



You would be using your ladder to reach diverse places. The height would vary radically, and in this case, you would adjust the ladder stabilizers too. You must check if you could change the ladder stabilizers’ installation point and check if you could change the angle of contact of the ladder stabilizers. This issue will confirm that your investment does not go to waste.



Your ladder stabilizers must offer you versatility however you are using them. It should be capable of helping you clean the roof, and it should also be capable of proving beneficial during gutter cleaners. The specification of the ladder stabilizers will state it plainly.

We want you to pay attention here as some of the ladder stabilizers are not well-matched with the straight walls. At the same time, others are not compatible with the gutters. Consequently, while selecting the product, confirm that you can use the ladder stabilizers on all surfaces.



The last point that we want you to check is the price of the ladder stabilizers. Typically, these ladder stabilizers are accessible for a price below $100; thus, you do not have any significant points of concern while it comes to the cost. Some models might go up to $150, but those ladder stabilizers will have additional offers. You need to check what is offered extra, and you need to line up the offerings with your budget.


Final Thought

The maximum of the stabilizers listed above are the greatest and are compatible with all the major ladder brands. Though, you must put in mind your precise requirement.

We still recommend you to make certain that you know about your wants. Once you are certain about the requirement, go back to our list of best ladder stabilizers and find the one that suits you.

You can find more information here: Stabilize a Ladder the Right Way



Are Gorilla Ladders sturdy?

Ans: Gorilla ladders are lightweight, compact, and very sturdy.

Are ladder stand-offs safe?

Ans: Using a ladder stand-off is frequently helpful to position an extension ladder away from a wall. These are essential for safe access for guttering, window, and fascia board maintenance and evade damage to tiles, gutters, and window frames.

Can I put the ladder against the gutter?

Ans: No, it is not safe to lean a ladder against a gutter. Make certain you lean your ladder against a strong resting point that is sturdy sufficient to support it.

Can you use a ladder stabilizer on a multi-position ladder?

Ans: The AC96 Aluminum Stabilizer spans 47in and offers a standoff of 10 in. for use on the aluminum or fiberglass ladder of all duty ratings. Perfect for stabilizing the M1 series multi-ladders while in scaffold or stairway positions.

Can you use a ladder stabilizer on the roof?

Ans: Roof Zone Ladder Stabilizer aids prevent expensive gutter damage while placed straight on the roof. The Ladder Stabilizer might be used with standard extension ladders for greater constancy and safety. Standoff distance against a sidewall is 19 in.

Does a ladder stabilizer work?

Ans: A stabilizer permits a straight view of the work area and makes this type of work safer and less tiring. Fixed-depth stabilizers, similar to this one, attach to an extension ladder through slipping (and locking) over the topmost two ladder’s rungs.

How do I keep ladders off my gutters?

Ans: To stop damage by a ladder, get a delivery kind plastic milk crate. Place this on the ground, open side down. Then, extend the ladder at least 3 ladder rungs above the crate. Use string, wire, or bungee cord to protect the crate to the ladder, around the mid of the rung itself.

How do you make a ladder steadier?

Ans: Add a ladder stabilizer accessory to the topmost of your ladder to span windows and deliver extra ladder stability. Follow the stabilizer installation directions carefully. Providing a steady base is only half the battle. You furthermore have to make certain the top of the ladder cannot slide when the rails rest against a wall.

What are the advantages of using a ladder stabilizer?

Ans: Stabilizers are usually about four feet wide and have padded feet to rest against a roof. This device not only makes it easier and safer for gutter cleaners. Also, it can span windows to make access easy for cleaning, painting, caulking, or various repairs.

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