The Best Step Ladder for Indoor & Outdoor Use

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We’re all familiar with the best step ladders as we’ve all seen those DIY videos of homemaking, decorating, and painting. If you have seen those videos and are planning to start working on the dream project of yours, you need to read this article. We are reviewing those step ladders here.

Ladders come in many forms and styles. We are looking for step ladders because those are the most common and maneuverable ladders there are.

This list contains the ladders that have served many people. Maybe you are the next happy user who has achieved their dream with one of these best step ladders!

We will provide a buyer’s guide, OSHA, and ANSI duty rating chart with this article. So, read on and meet your next dream home improvement tool!


Best Step Ladder Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Let’s review some of the best step ladders available in the market.


HBTower Best Folding 4 Step Ladder

HBTower ladders come in many styles; you have two steps, three steps, and four steps with tool platforms as options. It is the highest-rated step ladder on our list. This popular ladder is made with iron and Polypropylene.

HBTower Folding 4 Step Ladder


The Ladder has a tool tray for your convenience. The Ladder is 58.7 inches tall and 36.6 inches long. But the ladder folds to just1.6 inches. So, the ladder is very easy to carry around.

It is made with a non-slip design for extra safety and durability. There are big rubber feet for your safety attached to the end of each foot.

The high grade steel frame has a metal lock safe buckle for extra protection. Moreover, the back cross brace structures give the Ladder extra strength. The load capacity of HBTower Ladder is 330 pounds.

The Ladder is very reliable and durable. The company is giving you a two year warranty and a money back guarantee. HBTower is the leading brand on our list, and they are committed to your safety.

The Ladder is very light weight and easy to carry. The large platform allows you to work without foot fatigue and any stress gives your foot support.


  • Steel ladder, light weight
  • Type IA ladder
  • Extra wide steps, step ladder stool
  • Multiposition ladders
  • Highest reviewed Ladder


  • Some products have weaker rubber feet

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Little Giant Ladders (Flip-N-Lite) Best 6-Foot Step Ladder

Flip n lite step ladders are the most sought after ladders in the market. If we were making a list like that, this would certainly be one of the toppers.

Little Giant Ladders (Flip-N-Lite) 6-Foot Step ladder


This Ladder is made with aluminum, and therefore it is very lightweight and portable. The steps are extra wide to protect you from foot fatigue.

This flip n lite ladder is 6 feet tall and has a load capacity of 300 pounds.

These large standing platform ladders are most suitable for your household works; you can even use this Ladder on uneven ground and solid ground. The comfortable standing platform lets you to work more freely and avoid foot fatigue (like the wide steps).

These flip n lite little giant ladders feature a tool tray cap, and you can keep your screws, nuts, bolts, etc. You can buy the other version that comes with a fire extinguisher.

This flip n lite ladder has a one year warranty. You can download the user manual (it can be used with any ladder) from the amazon page.


  • Flip n lite ladder, lightweight
  • Type IA ladder
  • Extra wide steps, sturdy ladder
  • Best twin ladders
  • Multi position ladders


  • Packaging is weak

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Cosco 11408PBL1E Best Three Step Folding ladder

CoscoProducts make this excellent three steps step ladder. This Ladder is steel made and has a load capacity of 200 pounds. It is a Type III ladder by ANSI standards and is categorized as a medium ladder.

Cosco 11408PBL1E Three Step Folding ladder


The ladder’s steel frame has a convenient lock hatch for strongly holding the Ladder at a certain height. This is a great feature that enables extra safety for the user.

The top handle has a strong hand grip for the user to hold on to. This gives you a comfortable and ergonomic hand rest and protects the Ladder and the walls from unwanted scratches and dents.

The steel feet are covered with rubber feet for extra grip and extra stability. Moreover, each step has anti-slip gripping for full metal boots and other footwear.

This 45 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 17-inch long Ladder from Cosco weighs just 12 pounds. It is unbelievably light and deceptively strong & durable.

Above all, you can use this ladder to move, paint, clean, hang your own art pieces, redecorate your house, and do pretty much every household indoors or outdoor tasks.

The Ladder is a practically designed innovation that comes with a ten year parts and labor limited warranty. Get yours now! You can choose from two styles, five colors, and two pattern options (one comes with two extra grips).


  • Heavy duty ladder with high grade steel frame
  • Rubber padded steps and feet
  • Great for household works
  • Options available
  • Affordable price


  • Slips across the wooden floor

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Little Giant Best Four Step Ladder

Little Giant Ladder Systems makes the greatest step ladders, hands down.

Little Giant Four Step Ladder


The four step ladder from Little Giant stands up to the name and the reputation of being a little giant. The ladder is very light weight because it is made with premium quality aluminum. Aluminum, as we know, is very light but extremely durable and long serving.

This is what this Ladder is.



Long serving!

The Ladder is slim, and you can glide it across surfaces with a little push. Hence this is easier to transport. You cannot believe the slimness of this step ladder. When folded, it is just 5 inches long! But that doesn’t mean it is weak!

Little Giant Four step ladder is a Type IA ladder that can withstand load capacity up to 300 pounds. If you refer to the OSHA and ANSI duty rating, it is right up with heavy duty industrial ladders!

The little giant ladder systems ladder has very wide steps for extra balance and safety. The steps are treaded with rubber for slip resistance and extra stability. The top step features a projected top with a fold-up safety latch locked premium quality tool tray for holding tools, paint brushes, and other tools. There are two hooks for hanging paint buckets, cleaning buckets, and other hang-able accessories.

This Ladder comes in a three step model and a four step model.

Little Giant Four step ladder uses tip and glide wheels for easy transportation.


  • Light weight rating, heavy duty ladder, aluminum frame
  • Tip and glide wheels for easy transportation
  • Slip-resistant rubber padded steps and feet
  • Options available
  • ANSI Type IA 300-pound Duty Rating


  • Very wide for closer to wall works

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Rubbermaid RMA-5XS Best Aluminum Step Ladder

Rubbermaid RMA-5XS is a traditional 5.5 feet step ladder. It is made with high-quality, pure aluminum.

Rubbermaid RMA-5XS Step Ladder


The weight capacity of the Rubbermaid step ladder is 250 pounds, and it falls on Type I on the OSHA and ANSI standards duty rating.

The Ladder comes with a projected top for paint trays, holding tools, paint brush, paint bucket, hardware, and other materials. The steps are very sturdy and durable.

You can choose from a range of alternatives that Rubbermaid provides you on this step ladder. You can get-

  • Two steps ladder,
  • Three steps ladder,
  • Three steps ladder with a large project tray,
  • Three steps ladder with a medium project tray and
  • Three steps ladder with a projected top.

Every version of this product features large steps that are designed for comfort and do not give you foot fatigue.

Rubbermaid has anti skid rubber feet for no-slippage.

The dimension of this product is 4.13 inches x 68.5 inches x 22.24 inches, and it weighs just 12 pounds. Imagine that 12 pound ladder that has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. The project tray is 37+ inches in size. The cross brace structure gives it a very stable and non-wobbly stand.

And the Ladder closes perfectly to easy storage size.

Rubbermaid step ladder comes with a step stool, and you get a one-year limited warranty on purchase.


  • Sturdy aluminum construction, light weight rating
  • Step stool chair and project top included
  • One year warranty
  • Great options to choose from
  • Type I ladder capable of heavy duty use


  • Project top has poor finishing
  • Some users think there is a decline in quality

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Best Choice Products Best 3-Step Ladder

This is another Type IA ladder in our list. It is a step ladder made by Best Choice Products. This ladder with a black-colored high-grade steel frame is one of the finest step ladders on the market today.

Best Choice Products 3-Step Ladder


This 52 inches tall (when the step ladder opened) three steps ladder is designed to cater to your comfort and doesn’t stress you much.

The steel made ladder feet are covered with anti skid rubber feet for slip resistance. Therefore, you have a comfortable-to-hold, ergonomic hand grip and kneebar for extra balance and stability.

Although the Ladder is made of steel, it is extremely light weight. In addition, the rust resistant steel frame has two steel brace rods for added durability and long life.

As we mentioned, the Ladder is light weight, so it is easier to carry. The foldable design has a locking mechanism that allows easy and safer carrying and storing.

It features a sturdy utility tray for holding hand tools, paint brushes, and other accessories. You don’t have to go through a sale project accessory program!

The dimensions of this three step ladder are 28.7 inches in length, 17.7 inches in width, and 52 inches in height, but when the Ladder is folded and closed (and locked!), it is 57.3 inches tall.

BCP ladder is perfect for your indoor works, such as cleaning, painting, and changing light bulbs. You can use it for outdoor work, and gardening too for instance.

Best Choice Products maintain a high standard of quality control and checking. Each product has a stamp of approval.


  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Type IA ladder
  • Rubber padded steps, grip, and feet
  • It can be used outside on a stable ground
  • BCP’s quality check assurance and warranty


  • Some users claim the steps are weak

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Delxo Best Folding 4 Step Ladder

Delxo’s step ladder comes in three designs, two steps, three steps white Ladder, and four steps lock free Ladder. We are looking at the four step lock free ladder.

Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder


This Ladder is white colored. Alloy steel made frame with a load capacity of 330 pounds. So, this is a Type IA ladder by OSHA and ANSI standards.

This Ladder features an upgraded lock free design that works by lifting up and down. It is very safe and easy to manually open and close.

The Ladder is 52 inches tall, perfect for household work. The length is 34 inches, which makes it more stable because of the foot’s angles. And 17 inches wide, this gives you more stability and freedom. When closed, however, it takes just 4.5 inches of space.

The rubber feet make it safer to use on the smooth floor. It will definitely not scratch your floor. There are ergonomic hand grips for easy hold and comfortable feel in climbing up and down. It is easy to carry forit’s fold-ability, and easy to store for the same reason. In short, this is a perfect choice for your home or shop.

Each step has non slip rubber pattern and the width of the steps ensures you will not get foot fatigue or foot pain. You can even sit on these Ladder steps if you feel tired working. The cross brace structure provides extra support for your work.

The Ladder weighs just 17.5 pounds (and can withstand 330 pounds).


  • Steel alloy and rubber made four step ladder
  • Type IA ladder
  • Rubber padded steps, grip, and feet
  • Holds a GS Certificate
  • Usable for different purposes


  • The locking mechanism is questionable

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Lionladder Best Load Capacity 3 Step Ladder

Xaestival’sLionladder is a sturdy 3 step ladder that is made with a high grade steel frame with a wear resistant collodion coating for extra protection from scratches and other structures.

Lionladder 3 Step Ladder


Premium steel screws support the heavy duty steel frame of this Ladder. This gives the Ladder extra durability and strength.

Lionladder 3 step ladder is a light weight and portable step ladder, a Type IA ladder with a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

The feet of this Ladder is made skid proof by using anti skid rubber feet, and on the Ladder, the handle has sponge padding. Each joint of this ladder is supported and protected by rubber padding. The rubber feet and sponge handle give you a good grip on the floor and on the hand. This protects your floor and walls from scratches too.

The Ladder is 18.6 inches in length, 21.7 inches in width, and 46 inches in height when opened. The closed or folded Ladder is 18.6 inches (L), 3 inches (W), and 49.6 inches (H). It is very easy to store.

The Ladder weighs just 7.39 pounds, and it is very easy to carry around. All these make this the ideal step ladder for elderly people.

This Ladder is heavy use, it is a small Ladder for household works and outdoor work. You don’t have to be concerned of this product’s quality.


  • Sturdy heavy duty steel frame
  • Higher maximum load capacity
  • Soft sponge hand grip
  • Perfect for in-house works (changing light bulbs, reaching upper cabinets)
  • Type IA ladder capable of heavy duty use


  • Steps too narrow for some may cause foot fatigue
  • No hardware tray/ utility tray

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Louisville AS3010 Best 10-Feet Aluminum Stepladder

Louisville Ladder gives you a lot of premium options to choose from. They have ladders of various lengths:2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet.

Louisville AS3010 10-Feet Aluminum Stepladder


The product that caught our eyes and the customers’ eyes is the 10 feet AS3010 Aluminum step ladder.

This is a giant ladder. The material is aluminum, meaning this is very light weight and durable. In fact, it weighs only 28 pounds. The design is elegant and durable.

The Ladder has a smooth finishing and is very comfortable to climb.

The weight capacity of this Ladder is 300 pounds. It falls in the OSHA and ANSI duty rating range of IA.

AS3010 Aluminum has separate tool slots, pali shelf, drill slot, paint bucket holder, and a pipe holder as well.

The top has a magnetic project top for holding tools.

The cross brace structure features a pinch resistant spreader brace for faster and safer opening and closing. The brace opens to six feet and closes to 3 feet, making this giant an easy store ladder.

The aluminum angle feet have thick rubber tread for slip resistance and floor protection.

This protop comes in handy in electrical work, construction work, and residential projects.

This Ladder comes with a limited warranty.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Higher maximum load capacity
  • Great project top with many slots for electrical, plumbing, and painting works
  • Type IA ladder capable of heavy duty use


  • Steps too narrow for some may cause foot fatigue
  • No sponge or handgrip up top

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Vida Designs Best Alloy Steel Frame 4 Step Ladder

Vida 4 step ladder is a premium quality alloy steel made 4 step ladder for your home use produced by Home Discount.


Vida Designs 4 Step Ladder


A Vida design ladder has anti-slip mat on each step, and the steps are wider. So there is no chance of foot fatigue, even after hours of use.

The body is made with sturdy and durable iron, and the feet are reinforced with rubber mats (not to be confused with the rubber mat on each step). This Ladder is perfect for cleaning, painting, hanging things on the wall, changing bulbs, reaching upper cabinets, and other household works and DIY projects.

This step stool is available in colors black and white.

There is another option on this Ladder, and you can buy a ladder with a handrail. The Ladder is 127 cm tall, 47 cm wide, and  90 cm in length.


  • Alloy steel frame
  • Durable
  • Great for household works
  • Options available


  • Steps too narrow for some may cause foot fatigue
  • No sponge or hand grip up top

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Louisville 6′ Best Fiberglass Step Ladder

Low to medium-height applications are best served by Louisville 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder. The weight capacity of these stairwells is 300 pounds. Chamfered steps are standard on every stepladder, ensuring that users have the best possible footing. To make matters more complicated, each step is reinforced with two rows of rivets. Experts and do-it-yourselfers alike can benefit from a Louisville step ladder. Each stepladder complies with ANSI and OSHA regulations, so you can be certain in the safety of your Louisville ladder. Ladders made in Louisville are ideal for use in the building and painting industries, and also in the home.

Louisville 6' Fiberglass Step Ladder


The PROTOP, a sculpted polymeric surface with sunken equipment box, paints pail organizer, drilling grooves, equipment notches, magnetic plate, tube and 2 x 4 keeper, and sloped top surface for superior comfort, is included. Slip-resistant metal slant legs with cast aluminum angled legs with rubberized treads on all 4 legs give stable footing. DA BOOT is included. Fiberglass track contact protection is provided by the polypropylene copolymer top boot. Using a spreader bracer within fiberglass rails prevents the braces from being snagged or damaged during transport. A double-reinforced step design. Six large-headed, semi-tubular metal fasteners are used to hold each step. Optimum rigidity is provided by U-shaped back bracing positioned horizontally and separated one foot apart. A polyester veil is used to transform non-conducting full stream rails. ANSI and OSHA safety requirements are met or exceeded. 3 inch broad steps.

With their bonded, non-marring tread and extremely durable, impact resistant soles, these shoes offer unsurpassed stability. Designed for industrial use, each step can hold up to 300 pounds. In railroads, spreader bracing avoid harm from maintenance or transportation. Extra protection is provided by our SHOX system, which is designed to withstand even the most grueling misuse and mishaps.

Incredible stability is provided by heavy-duty, impact-resistant heels with laminated, non-marring tread. Double riveted stairs and high-quality, non-conductive fiberglass enable a secure ascent. All of the features of the “Raptor Top” system may be found in the Louisville 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder.


  • Non conductive body
  • Rubber feet for extra grip
  • Convenient techs used for better performance
  • ANSI and OSHA Standards are met


  • Availability can be an issue

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Step Ladder Buyer’s guide

Buying anything is not the easiest job in the world. Almost all of the products in the market have many competing brands boasting the quality. It gets confusing at times.

When it comes to utility tools like a step ladder, you would want to get the best step ladder in the market. For your consideration, we have delivered a list of the top brands for you, but there are other considerations you should have a look at. In this section, we will go through each of them in some detail, in a buying guide for you, in a way.

While shopping for the best, you should keep certain things in mind. You will find almost all the information that you need on the advertisement, flyer, or brochure. Let’s see-


Height of the ladder

One of the first things that define a step ladder is the ladder height. There is simply no “ideal step ladder height,” to be honest. It all depends on the type of work you are looking to do. Buying a step ladder is a purpose-driven purchase, not the other way around. Our list features some step ladders for your basic household projects and heavy-duty use.

Let’s say you need a step ladder for cleaning your windows. You will then need a step ladder of about and around 6 feet in height. If you are painting your room, the Ladder you will need will be taller. Eight feet or 10 feet tall Ladder will suit your need. Because you need to reach the corners and highest points with paint, you will need a taller ladder. Heavier the work, the sturdier the Ladder should be. That is commonplace knowledge.


Type of Ladder

Ladder type is another thing that you should keep in mind. Step ladders are the right ladder for household uses.

So, as we were saying, step ladders are most suitable for household work. These ladders can stand independently on their feet.

Telescopic ladders and extension ladders are for outdoor heavy duty uses. Extension ladders are the ones firefighters use. These ladders extend from their own body, hence the name extension ladders. Extension ladders need support to stand upright. This is why you see extension ladders leaning up against a wall always.

On the other hand, telescoping ladders are also extendible, but it telescopes in on themselves. Hence the name of this Ladder is a telescoping ladder. Aluminum telescoping ladders are the most durable.

So, to recap, step ladders are perfect for household use and non-professional personnel. But some professions require step ladders for their work. Extension ladders and telescoping ladders are mostly for outdoors, heavy and professional uses. And these ladders require support to stand. Unlike extension ladders, step ladders do not require anything to stand; they can support themselves like a table.


Weight Capacity of Ladder

Weight capacity or weight limit is another important factor you should keep in mind while buying a step ladder. Our list has given the weight capacity for each Ladder in our review, but we will discuss the “why,” as in why it is important.

The Ladder’s weight capacity is important because this is dictated by what kind of work you are meaning to do with the step ladder. It is important for your safety, your family’s safety, and the delicate nature of your work.

The weight capacity includes your weight and the weight of the materials that you carry on the Ladder. Refer to this chart of OSHA and ANSI standards made on behalf of the American Ladder Institute (ALI)-


Use Weight Capacity ANSI duty Rating
Construction and Industrial heavy duty work 250 pounds Type I
Construction, Industrial extra heavy duty work 300 pounds Type IA
Construction, Industrial extra heavy duty work 375 pounds Type IAA
Tradesmen and farm use 225 pounds Type II
Household light duty works 200 pounds Type III


The ladder industry must mention the ANSI type in their advertisement for user convenience. And the user can assess the right Ladder of their work.

The weight capacity of the Ladder includes your weight and the weight of the material you are carrying on the Ladder.


Ladder Material

Ladder material is another consideration for all buyers. There are four materials that are used to make step ladders. Aluminum, Fiberglass, steel, and wood. Each material is known for its sturdiness and longevity.

But, again, depending on the type of work, you should choose what materials you want for the perfect step ladder for you.

Aluminum Step ladder: This ladder is cheaper and lighter. Cheaper is not the word here, “affordable” is. For light, household use, aluminum step ladders are perfect. It is easier to carry and store. You can carry a medium sized aluminum step ladder by yourself. The only downside to an aluminum ladder is that it is conducive to electricity. So, it is not safe to work around power lines. That limits the areas of use. But other than that, for cleaning, painting, and other non-electric works, an aluminum ladder is the ideal step ladder for your home.

Fiberglass ladder: Fiberglass ladders are also very light, stable, and durable step ladder material. But unlike aluminum, Fiberglass doesn’t react to electricity, so that’s a plus. Fiberglass step ladders are classy and cost a bit more than an aluminum ladder.

However, both these materials are perfect for household uses and are very easy to store. We have reviewed both fiberglass and aluminum step ladders on our list.

Steel and Wood Ladders: They are the most durable and heavy duty step ladder materials.

These are perfect for outdoor work. Steel ladders are naturally heavier because of the heavy duty nature of the ladder properties. It conducts electricity, so that is a consideration.

Wooden ladders are by far the coolest looking, vintage style ladders. Wooden ladders need more care while storing and are not perfect for outdoor works.


Ladder Safety & Stability

Most ladders come with rubber shoes to prevent slippage; these rubber feet/shoes are put on the Ladder’s legs. This is an important buyer tip for you. Look for anti-slip shoes on the ladder legs. All of the ladders we have reviewed have anti-slip rubber feet for your safety.

The steps can be slippery too. You can wear protective shoes and gear (which is a good practice) to protect yourself from any harm. Our list features step ladders from HBTower, Delxo, Home Discount, Best Choice Products, and Cosco ladders that come with anti-slip steps.

Similarly, the stability of the step ladder joints is very important. Our list covers top fiberglass ladder brands that have the highest standard of quality checking. You can be sure of your safety.


Additional Features

The top-drawer step ladders come with extra features alongside their original purposes. Some step ladders feature sturdy platforms. Some come with stepping stools, and some have hardware trays, utility trays, paint bucket holders, and other assorted features to hold tools.

The closing mechanism is also an important factor to consider while buying a step ladder. Premium step ladders have a cross brace structure that allows you to close the ladder like you would a book. Best extension ladders are close to a smaller size, and so does telescoping ladders. The space saving design makes it easier for you to store your ladder more conveniently.

Step ladders have the advantage of easy transport because they easily fold.

These are the basics of buyer consideration that are essential for a step ladder purchase that will serve you the longest.


Final Thought

We hope our well researched article features top customer reviews. Frankly, the best step ladders in the market have helped you find your new favorite Ladder for your household and professional work. You can order them from this article directly.

We did not select the list as featuring the best, the runner up, and that manner. All these products are the best in the market and have served the customers well.

You might have different opinions or experiences. You can write your suggestions, disagreements, and support for us (data rights reserved by our privacy policy). We would appreciate your comments.



What are the best Extension ladders, telescoping ladders, and step ladders?

Ans: Step ladders feature a sturdy four-legged structure that is more stable. You need no support to lean the Ladder on. On the other hand, extension ladders need something to lean on, and so does the telescoping Ladder. Extension ladders can slide up or down on their own body for your work convenience. Aluminum telescoping ladders telescope in or out according to your need. This mechanism makes, and this defines, the fundamental difference between the three; the extension ladder and telescoping Ladder are smaller and easier to store. Step ladders close inwards like a book. This is the chief difference.

What is the best step ladder to buy?

Ans: The best step ladders are those that have a higher weight capacity (check the OSHA and ANSI standards duty rating) and are the most committed to safety. All the ladders in our list are selected on the basis of customer recommendations on these factors.

What is the safest step ladder?

Ans: Safest step ladders are those that have a sturdy construction, strong standing platforms, thick rubber tread on feet, and non slip rubber patterns on the steps. Our list of the best step ladder includes ladders made by HBTower, Delxo, Home Discount, Best Choice Products, Cosco ladders, and Little Giant Ladder.

Which brand ladder is best for indoor use?

Ans: The top brands have a higher commitment to safety. All the brands we have covered in our review, including- HBTower, Delxo, Home Discount, Best Choice Products and Cosco ladders, and Little Giant Ladder, produce high-quality ladders for indoor use.

Which is better, aluminum or fiberglass step ladder?

Ans: Aluminum ladders and fiberglass ladders are both very light and easy to move. But aluminum ladders are conductive to electricity, so that is not safe around power lines. Fiberglass construction uses non conductive fiberglass as the material and is therefore not electrically conductive. But suppose you are looking for a ladder for cleaning windows, painting walls, putting up paintings, or reaching upper cabinets. In that case, this should not be that big of an issue. But for electricity works, fiberglass step ladders are better.

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