Best Ladder For Stairs For Your DIY And Professional Works – A Buying Guide With Reviews

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Buying the best ladder for stairs can be hard. First of all, it is such a small niche of products that it is almost non-existent to an untrained eye. Secondly, with varying options, it can become hard to choose the right stair ladders for yourself.

We have made this list with the top-rated ladders for stairs. Based on user reviews and features that are only found on adjustable ladders for stairs. You can find the features attached under our buying guide. In addition, we have answered some Frequently Asked Questions for you as well, be sure to check that out.

Without further delay, let us take ourselves another step up to the list of the best ladders for stairs!


6 Best Ladders For Stairs Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Here are our top picks of the ladders depending on the use of a ladder for stairs-


Little Giant Best Wide-flared Ratchet leg levelers Ladders for Stairs

Little Giant Ladder Systems is one of the prominent ladder manufacturers in the world. They produce ladders for types of work, professional, and home improvement DIY projects. This is one of their finest ladders for home based projects.

Little Giant Ladders Velocity with Wheels and Ratchet leg levelers


This Stairway ladder is made with high quality aluminum. Aluminum is durable and lightweight and can last for a long time.

This Little Giant ladder is very durable and long lasting.

It is a stairway ladder. The Little Giant Ladder achieves this with a multi position ladder system that features a ratchet leg leveler. This Ratchet leveler is wide flared for extra stability. You can use this on uneven surfaces and stairs alike.

This Little Giant ladder for stairs is an A frame ladder with a 90 degree span for climbing the staircase with ease. There is a rock lock adjusting to keep the ladder in shape or change the shape with ease.

A convenient palm button allows them to become an A frame ladder to an extension ladder within seconds. The tip and glide wheel system makes the ladder easy to transport and take to your job site a lot easier.

The weight rating of this ladder is 300 pounds, which is a perfect choice for industrial works and household uses. This Little Giant ladder for stairs is a lightweight ladder, only 35 pounds in weight. In addition, you can get this with accessories like a cargo hold, project tray, trestle brackets, wall ladder stand, work platform, and plastic storage rack.

This 17 feet aluminum ladder comes with an almost affordable price; it can be a bit high for some people. Still, the quality of the ladder for stairs warrants such a price. You can buy this without any worries because this is the highest reviewed ladder for stairs on our list.


  • Extension ladder with built in ratchet levelers to keep the ladder level
  • Light staircase ladder with steady adjustable legs
  • A frame ladder with aluminum construction
  • Multi-position ladders with a high weight rating for work and ladder safety
  • Sturdy ladder with rubber feet to avoid accidents on the floor
  • Combination ladders for various works, even on uneven surfaces
  • Wide flared legs prevent ladder accidents and make the ladder safer
  • ANSI and OSHA standards of type ІA, high weight capacity


  • 17 feet may be too high for some household works (perfect for high ceiling)
  • The price may be a bit too high for this otherwise great ladder

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Little Giant Best Metal Rock Lock Ladders for Stairs

This is another Little Giant Ladder on our list. This is substantially different from the other Little Giant Ladder on our list. Let’s see where the differences are.

Little Giant Revolution with Ratchet Levelers


First off, Little Giant revolution is available in many sizes. The A frame ladder that we are looking into is 22 feet. Perfect for cleaning, painting a room’s high ceiling, changing bulbs, and reaching the attic.

This Little Giant ladder is made with aluminum, and the stairways are made with high load capacity and built-in ratchet levelers. You can start using the ladder on uneven grounds without worry within seconds.

There is a metal rock lock system that gives you more added security while working. The palm push button allows you to open and close the ladder with ease and keeps the ladder securely open when you need it.

This Little Giant ladder system stair ladder has a weight rating of Type-IA, with 300 pounds of load capacity, meeting the ANSI and Osha Standards.

The price of this ladder is a bit high, to be honest.


  • Wide flared legs prevent ladder accidents
  • Sturdy ladder with rubber feet
  • Multi-position ladders with a high weight rating for work and ladder safety
  • Light staircases ladder with adjustable legs to prevent accidents
  • Extension ladder with built in ratchet levelers
  • Combination ladders for various works, even on uneven surfaces
  • ANSI and OSHA standards of TYPE IA, high weight capacity
  • A frame ladder with aluminum construction


  • The price may be a bit too high
  • No, eliminate spreader bars

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Best Choice Products 19.5FT Scaffold Ladders for Stairs

Ideal Choice Products ladder is the next stair ladder on our list. Ideal choice products ladder is one of the most underrated brands in the ladder world. But we find that it is getting the deserved recognition more and more.

Ideal Choice Products 19.5FT Scaffold Ladders


This stairway ladder comes with four extra-wide rungs, five steps on each segment, and 2 free comfortable platform plates. This is a perfect ladder for working on stairs and uneven surfaces.

This is an aluminum construction ladder for durability and stability for long uses. It comes with solid rubber feet that give you a secure grip on the floor and other surfaces. There is a safety lock and rubber protection for the safety of workers.

This is a multi position ladder that is a combination ladder of 8 in 1 type of ladder. You can use this multi position ladder as a Straight Ladder, Double Sided Ladder, trestle and plank, Workstation Platform, Stair Ladder, Etc. The hinges allow different configurations with smooth operating hinges.

This is a perfect stair ladder for stairway use, interior and exterior painting, decorating, loft access, cleaning windows, cleaning gutters, DIY activities, etc. You can use this ladder for all types of household work.

This sturdy aluminum ladder is foldable and very easy to store inside your house.

The price of this stair ladder comes with an affordable price tag. You can use this ladder for all types of work that you need. The weight rating of this ladder is 330 pounds, which is perfect for all heavy industrial work, so it is perfect for your household work.


  • Great ladder with multi-position ladder system
  • Light staircase extension ladders for working safely
  • Aluminum construction scaffold frames ladder
  • Multi-position ladders with a high weight rating for work and ladder safety
  • Sturdy ladder with rubber feet, no more losing balance
  • Combination ladders for various works, even on uneven surfaces
  • ANSI and OSHA standards, high weight capacity


  • Size may be an issue; no eliminate spreader bars

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Werner MT-17 telescoping ladders for Stairs – Best for Multi-purpose ladder system

Werner is a very famous brand among professional workers for its unmatched quality and commitment to service. This is one of their most coveted ladders that can be used as a ladder for stairs.

Werner MT-17 telescoping ladders


This is an aluminum construction ladder with an ultra lightweight build. It is a two person ladder with a high weight capacity.

There are 20 different working height positions on this ladder. You can use it as an extension ladder, two person ladder, step ladder, and stair ladder as well. The ladder height is 17 feet, and the lowest working height is 4 feet.

A soft-touch push knob allows you to get your job done with ease and versatile ladder application. This multi position ladder is a professional grade ladder. It comes with double riveted steps for reliable security and safety.

The heavy duty non marring feet prevent slip, and the wide flared bottom gives you firm support. The ergonomically compact design ladder is perfect for your work. There are large spring locking levers and J hooks for reliable security of working at a height.

You can use this multi purpose ladder twin step ladder, extension ladder, stairway step ladder, or two scaffolding bases. Each side of the ladder has a weight rating of 300 pounds; it is very reliable in carrying weight!

The price of the multi-purpose ladder, the Werner stair ladder, is a bit high. Still, it is not unreasonable by any stretch of the imagination.


  • Multi-purpose ladder system
  • Aluminum construction scaffold frame ladder
  • Multi-position ladders with a high weight rating for work and ladder safety
  • No bolts step lifts heavyweight for your convenience
  • Superb adjustable ladder for stairs
  • Specifically designed as a step ladder, slip-resistant feet
  • Sturdy ladder with rubber feet for ideal security
  • Usable in many height options
  • Combination ladders for various works, even on uneven surfaces
  • ANSI and OSHA standards, high weight capacity


  • A bit expensive

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Little Giant Quantum Best Multi Purpose Ladder – Specially for Stairs

This is the third Little Giant Ladder system ladder on our list. This is also very different from the other ladders from the same manufacturers and most ladders on the market. Let’s see where it differs.

Little Giant Quantum Multi Use Ladder, with Model 17 Ratchet Levelers


This is an aluminum ladder for your stairways ladder use. It makes sure of the usability by a pair of built in ratchet levelers. These levelers are strong and make them a sturdy construction ladder for your use.

There are quad lock hinges and rapid lock adjustments to ensure extra safe working conditions and easy adjustment on the ladder whenever you need it. There are tip and glide wheels for easy transport and easy movement of the job site. The A frame height can be adjusted on this adjustable stair ladder. The lowest height is 4 feet, and the highest is 15 feet.

This is an ANSI and OSHA standard type IA ladder with 300 pounds weight capacity.

The price of this Little Giant Ladder is a bit high, but it comes with a lifetime warranty. You can buy this suitable stair ladder for your work!


  • Multi-position adjustable ladders system
  • Aluminum construction, a frame ladder
  • Multi-function ladder with a lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable ladder for stairs perfect as step ladders
  • ANSI and OSHA standards, high weight capacity
  • Multi-position ladders with a high weight rating for work and ladder safety
  • Sturdy ladder with rubber feet
  • Usable in many height options


  • Expensive

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Little Giant Best Stairs Ladder Systems, SkyScraper, M17

This extendable stair ladder can let you get to those hard-to-reach areas of the staircases, theaters, football seats, and more. In order to reach uneven and muddy places, the skyscraper multi-purpose adjustable ladder may be used.

Little Giant Ladder Systems, SkyScraper, M17


The ladder’s heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum construction provides additional safety. As a result, the ladder’s weight capacity is increased to 300 pounds. It’s strong enough to hold a grownup user and their tools from bursting into a puddle of mud.

Even the highest ceilings and attics may be reached with the Little Giant Sky Scrapper M17 adjustable stepladder, which can stretch up to 21 feet a-frame and has wide-fetched legs to offer total stability.

You must employ lifts or scaffolds to do maintenance on high ceilings and hard-to-reach areas in your profession. These solutions might be cumbersome and get in the way of completing a task. Your work will go more smoothly with the Little Giant SkyScraper stepladder. Chandeliers, skylights, and other difficult-to-reach fixtures may all be reached with the SkyScraper, a stepladder specifically built for spaces with high ceilings. Because the SkyScraper is movable, it is able to work around barriers such as stadium seats and benches. Well over half of the SkyScraper’s full expanded height is required to store and move the machine. SkyScraper is rated for 300 pounds on each side and meets and exceeds all applicable OSHA and ANSI requirements. Ribbed tread for the step.

Aside from being broad enough for convenience, the ladder has a non-slip design on the steps to prevent accidents. Rubber is used for the ladder’s foot so that the foot will not slip and the ladder will hold fast to any surface.


  • meeting and exceeding all applicable OSHA and ANSI requirements
  • Ribbed tread for the step
  • broad enough for convenience
  • 21 feet a-frame and has wide-fetched legs


  • Availability can be an issue

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Best Ladder for Stairs Buying Guide

With the importance of a ladder for stairs in home use and professional use, the selection of the ladder is of the highest importance. The ladder is directly related to your safety and security and needs a careful selection process. Buying the wrong type of uninformed can result in a waste of money, and at worst, a very risky gamble for your health.

There are a few features that you should be on the lookout for when you are shopping for a ladder for stairs. We have based our selection on those features and will discuss the features here at length in this comprehensive buying guide. 


Construction Material

The construction material is a very important consideration for buying a ladder for stairs. Since you will be working in conditions that are closed or semi-closed under construction sites, you will need the ladder to be lightweight. But that is not the only thing. Let’s look at the materials first.

i. Steel Construction

Steel is the most durable material for tools in the world. This is why there are many ladders that are made with steel. These ladders can be expensive and have heavyweight. Not very ideal for stair uses.

Also, steel conducts electricity very well. It is not perfect for using insider home conditions.

ii. Aluminum Construction

Aluminum is a very popular ladder construction material. Aluminum ladders are lightweight, portable, and cheap.

These are very durable also. There are aircraft grade aluminum ladders also. Aircraft-grade aluminum is very light, and so ladders made with aircraft-grade aluminum are light.

The aluminum ladders are not conductive of electricity and are a very good choice for working indoors.

The lightweight aluminum ladders make sure your stairs do not suffer any damage while using these ladders for stairs adjacent works.

iii. Fiberglass Construction

Fiberglass ladders are also a very premium type of ladders. These are very durable and light. The high-quality material makes it rust-proof and resistant to other weather conditions.

These ladders are not conducive to electricity and are generally considered to be safe for household work. The only one downside of these ladders is that they are expensive.


Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity is very important to consider while buying a ladder. It limits the kinds of work that you can do with the ladder. There are two standards that you should be on the lookout for. These are the authorities when it comes to the standardization of ladder weight capacity.

The ladder’s weight capacity should be considered by adding your weight and the weight of the instruments you will carry.


Safety Rating

The American National Standards Institute and Occupational Safety and Health Administration, ANSI, and OSHA standards are strictly followed by the ladder manufacturers. They are legally bound to announce it on the packages.

Here is a chart that will help you understand what ladder weight capacity allows you to do what Type of work.  

ANSI duty Rating




Weight Capacity
Type I Construction and Industrial heavy duty type work 250 pounds
Type IA Construction, Industrial extra heavy duty work 300 pounds
Type IAA Construction, Industrial extra heavy duty work 375 pounds
Type II Tradesmen and farm use 225 pounds
Type III Household light duty works 200 pounds



The stability of the ladder for stairs is important. Ladders are generally stable in nature, but you need to make extra effort to make sure that your stair ladder is stable.

There are many ways that this is made sure in the stair ladders. One of the methods is, using ratchet levelers on the ladder legs. This makes sure you can adjust the height of the legs as per your need.

Ratchet levelers can be bought separately, but there are ladders with built in ratchet levelers that save you the hassle of looking for ratchet levelers to buy.

Ensure that the adjustable stair ladder you buy has stable ratchet levelers or otherwise stable feet for your safety.  



The height of the ladder is also a very important thing to be considered while buying. There are multi position ladders that can be used in almost any situation, but you can’t always use them as stair ladders because they are large.

There are other types of ladders that can be used at different heights, but without ratchet levelers or built-in ratchet levelers, these are useless as stair ladders as well.

Straight ladders or wall ladders can not be used as stair ladders for the same reasons. But again, ratchet levelers can be used to make the ladder usable as stair ladders.


Feet Grips

Household ladders need to have slip-resistant feet that prevent falling over, avoid slipping, and other issues that might cause the integrity and the safety of the work condition.

Many manufacturers ensure this by using non slip rubber feet that prevent the ladder from wobbling and tipping over. This also keeps your floor safe from scratches and damage.


Easy Storage

Easy storage is very important for a ladder for stairs. You need to keep the ladder safely stored after you have used them. Typical A frame ladders are better for this situation, but the telescoping ladder and multipurpose ladders can also be stored conveniently.


Step width

The step width of a stair ladder is important. It is important for any ladder, but it is twice as important when it comes to stair ladders. Because stairs are narrow and uneven, the stair ladder steps need to be wide to prevent foot pain and stable to give you the balance you need.


Added features

Added features like handrails, platforms for keeping tools, paint, etc., come in very handy for stair ladders. This allows you to work more efficiently without climbing up and down several times.

Look for these features on a ladder. While these are not the main factors that should keep you from buying a ladder, it is very helpful if you select the ladders that come with these features that are very helpful for indoor and outdoor works that you are looking to do.


Final Words

This list comes with all the top-rated ladders for stairs that the users and customers highly recommend. These have the top features as per the experts and professionals. You can buy any of these ladders for stairs without any worry.

If you have any queries, comments, or suggestions, you can write to us (data rights reserved by our privacy policy). Also, you can share this helpful content with your friends, family, and workgroup peers.

We appreciate your feedback on our work; please write to us with your comments and suggestions.

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How do you stabilize a ladder on stairs?

Ans: There are many ways to do that, as mentioned before. Some ladders come with built in ratchet levelers that can be used. You can buy the ratchet levelers separately as well. This can help you stabilize the ladder on the stairs.

How do you use a ladder for stairs?

Ans: There are special ladders with independently height adjustable feet that can be used to set different desired heights for stairways.

How do you use the ladder on uneven surfaces?

Ans: You can use the adjustable feet or the ratchet levelers that can be used as an even surface on even on uneven grounds.

Is there a ladder that can be used on stairs?

Ans: There are special ladders that you can use as stair ladders. These special ladders often feature individually adjustable legs that can be moved individually.

What is the top brand for the ladder for stairs?

Ans: Little Giant Ladder, Werner, and Ideal Choice ladders are the finest ladder for stairs brands.

What’s the best ladder brand?

Ans: The most premium ladder brand, by far, is the Little Giant Ladder Systems.

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